30 September 2011

Things I'm Loving 30.9.11

Having to dig a bit deeper this week....a nasty flu bug has knocked us for six....but more on that later.

When being OCD Organised does pay
Loving that in this instance having this need to be ahead of the game meant I found a sale on flights to Australia so that all nine of us going to Nic's wedding jumped on the bandwagon and got great deals on flights. Loving more that Mark's parents gifted us their airpoints which made it an even better deal for us four to go...thanks lovely parents! Loving finding a great, really reasonable apartment in the city for us four MNM's to enjoy sightseeing in Melbourne together. Loving that it has 2 bedrooms (we're really sooky and are not great at sleeping in the same room as the kids) and an indoor heated pool and carparking, and is on the free city circle tram line.

Loving that my nifty little Internet searches this week also found us all a big house to all stay together in when the others arrive that includes the use of a 8-seater people mover car. Loving that it's all booked and sorted and now we can just relax and look forward to the trip.

Oh and I'd had my eye on this little dress in the window of Stax for a few weeks, even before the official proposal. I tend not to go out at lunchtime since I'm always trying to work my hours to leave for school pick-up but I just happened to pop out at lunchtime on Friday for a quick five minutes, and just happened to walk past Stax to notice they were having a 50% closing down sale for that week only. And wouldn't you know the dress on the mannequin in the window made it's way into the changing room, jumped onto me, and that was it. Done deal...a dress for the wedding sorted a day after the proposal...you gotta move quick to keep up with this gal!

Little conversations
Favourite phrases heard out of the mouth of our two year old:

"I'm forry" (sorry) which he seems to be saying a lot at the moment!


"I luff oo mummy" which always makes my heart melt despite how narked I might have been feeling about why he had to say "forry" in the first place!

Little steps
I wouldn't say we LOVE the trampoline yet, but we quite like it. Which is a big improvement on last week. But then this kid is mad on balls so anything that involves balls is generally gonna be a winner.

And loving that old trampoline boxes can be put to use a second time as boats and aeroplanes.

Real RWC fever
Mark had been planning to drive up to New Plymouth for the Wales/Namibia game on Monday. Despite having a bit of a cold last week, he'd been feeling OK on the weekend whilst I was holed up in bed at points feeling flu-ey. So it was a bit of a surprise to get a text from him early Monday morning (I was already at work) saying there was no way he could drive up and needed to go to the doctors. Turns out he had both a chest infection and ear infection so put himself to bed for the day. He was feeling marginally better Tuesday and worked a part day.

On Tuesday night, Noah started looking a bit peaky, complaining of a headache, and then a little visitor came to see me at 2am saying his tummy hurt. After a few dry retches in the toilet, he collapsed on the floor saying his legs hurt and begged to come into bed with me, and as Mark was sleeping downstairs, I caved in. I felt him shiver and shake his way through the next few hours with a hot hot fever. Mark woke up again feeling rubbish so both he and Noah were at home together. Sounds like they made short work of The Incredibles, Megamind, Planet 51 and Star Wars during the day.

Hopefully we'll start to be on the up again soon, and as it turns out despite Mark's disappointment at missing the Wales game, we now have a date we don't want to miss with the All Blacks on Sunday after some lovely friends sold us their tickets for a song as they've been upgraded to a corporate box seat at the game. Here's to full health and wholeness for the family so we can make it along to the game.

I love that my bloke is so patriotic to his own team that he will proclaim it from our rooftop, but I also love that lately he has conceded that he 'doesn't mind' the All Blacks - he had a bit of a love/hate thing going on for a while there since a lot of Kiwi rugby supporters were pretty nasty to him especially after England won in 2003.

Anyhow, that's about all the loving I have in me this week. Hope all is well with you and yours and happy weekend ya'll!

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Miriam said...

wowsers you are organised - super organised!! I am impressed. Hope you are all well for the game on the weekend x

Ange (Tall, Short and Tiny) said...

Great dress - no wonder it attacked you in the store and forced you to try it on! Your Melbourne plans are coming along nicely, huh?!

Hope you're all feeling well and healthy for the weekend and the rugby (we're heading to Ireland vs Italy on Sunday - can't wait!) xx

meg said...

Oh gosh my littlest has World Cup Fever too (39.9 degrees) right now. Now I know the word for it. Isn't it nice how thinking of the good things perks you up a bit? Well done of the tickets and dress, you're inspiring!

jacksta said...

aw hope the M&Ms family gets better soon!

Leonie said...

Gorgeous dress Meghan! you are super organised!
Hope you all feel better soon x

Jules said...

Lovely dress, I used to love shopping at Stax! Sad to hear they've closed down.

Fingers crossed you feel better for the game :o)

Elizabeth said...

LOVE the dress... hope you're all feeling up to the game on Sunday! Yay for you guys getting tickets!

PaisleyJade said...

That is so awesome about the 50% off - the dress looks amazing!! Super excited that all the bits are getting sorted for your trip - and I do hope you all get well soon. xoxo

Nikki said...

Love the dress - it looks gorge! xxx

dearfutureme... said...

So proud of you for being so organised! Id be just the same, and freak out if I wasn't! Dress looks super hot - great legs! And lucky it was on sale! What a bargain!


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