05 November 2011

Is it true....

Inspired by Simone's Frequently Asked Questions post the other day, I thought I'd come up with my own version. So here are a few things you never knew, along with a few you probably didn't ever need to!

Is it true that your name isn't actually Meghan?

That is true. I put the 'h' in Meghan when I was 14...some kind of teenage angst, a need to be more exotic, to feel more unique I guess. The funny thing is despite my uber-over-organisation in most of my life, I never actually got around to officially changing it so all my official documents still say 'Megan'. I find I do have to pause when I'm filling documents in thinking...am I she or her today?! I guess it's been so long now that if I actually did change it officially, it would probably feel odd!

And after 20-something years, my mum still won't write it with the 'h' in it...she says 'it's not what I named you'....fair call I guess.

Is it true that your labours were entirely natural with no pain relief and both your babies were born under water? 

Yes it is. While I was pregnant with number one, hubby was giving me grief about my drama queen tendencies to play on any physical pain as if the world were ending, and I remember him saying he thought I'd be the first one yelling 'Gimme the drugs'.

I'm not sure if that was the incentive I needed to prove him otherwise, but my midwife who was from a natural birthing agency also gave me great confidence in my body's ability to be able to do it what it was naturally designed to.

Is it true that your hubby lost 30kg in one year doing Weight Watchers and won Australasian Male Weight Watcher of the Year in 2006?

He did. And I will forever be so proud of him for this achievement. Not because it changed how I felt about him. I married him when he was a bigger guy, and if he'd stayed that way his whole life I wouldn't have loved him any less.

And it was wonderful for him to have the accolades recognising his achievement, getting his picture and story in the Weight Watchers magazine and the Sunday Star Times.

But when I see how the weight loss changed him, the confidence he grew, the energy he now has, and his steely resolve to be this slimmer, sexier version of himself, that is what I'm most proud of.

Is it true that at age 12 you played a clarinet solo to the tune of Memory from Cats in the Auckland Town Hall in front of a few thousand people?

Yes, and I was crapping my pants that I'd live up to my nickname the conductor had given me (Squeaky) and let out a horrible squeak on the high notes like I had done in all the practices, but thankfully during the performance I scraped by!

Do people sometimes ask you, how do you do it all?

If you mean, do they ask me how do I manage to be a mum who works full-time outside the house as well as raising two kids without even so much as a cleaner to help around the house? Then yes, I do get asked that a fair bit. But quite frankly, the answer is...I have no clue.

I'd say it's pretty much 'there but for the grace of God go I'.

And some days...I feel like I'm doing a pretty bad of job of most of it. But I just do what I can. Try and forget the mistakes of yesterday. And hope for His fresh mercies every morning.

Is it true that at this very moment, you are secretly harbouring a few clucky feelings about the possibility of a number three?

Well, not so secret anymore I guess - ha ha. I'm just doing my best to ignore them!

There must be something about this time of the year (our kids birthdays are August/September if you get my drift!), and also the age that Mylo is at right now is such a lovely one that I will admit I have been entertaining (notice I said entertaining only!) the idea. But then I see my friends struggling with their new babies (NOT my favourite stage) and my feet firmly crash back to Earth again.

I still think it's highly unlikely for a number of very logical and valid reasons (so please don't y'all go holding your breaths out there...I'd hate for you to pass out waiting!), but to be honest it's been quite a surprise to me that I would even be having this conversation with myself. So now you know.

Is it true that you and your hubby share the same birthday? What's with that?

Yes, I know. What are the chances... If I'm being a little selfish here, I'd say it can actually be quite sucky as you never get a day to celebrate for yourself. After thirteen years, it still feels weird to wake up and wish him a Happy Birthday and be wished one right back! But the novelty of it, and the fact it always makes for a good talking point probably outweighs the downside of always having to share my day!

Is it true that you recently got waylaid on the way to the shower and instead jumped into bed naked and read for two hours because you were so hooked on that best-selling book The Help?

Ah, I might have. But if you've read it, you'll understand why!

One final question then....is it true that you are were weird enough to conduct this self-interview with yourself by dictating into the Voice Memo function of your iPhone whilst walking to work one morning this week?

Oh...well now I couldn't possibly comment on that.........


Jaz from Treacy Family said...


Love it xxxxx

jacksta said...

haha. A very fun post.
Going from two to three...was a massive decision for us too. But I can only say that God twisted my arm on the idea..and Im glad he did.

Brigitte said...

lots of really interesting info there about you and your hubby :) A fun read, thanks! :) X

Sammy said...

I am loving you more and more, my weird friend!

PaisleyJade said...

Oh wow!! Can't believe all the amazing things I learned about you guys in this one post! Mark's weight loss is amazing and you with your extra 'h' is just like my hubby - he changed from Simon to Symon when a young kid and still hasn't gotten around to doing it officially! Love this post and I just have to put my two cents in re an extra kid - we planned 3 but had our surprise number 4 and never ever regretted it. Go for it ;) (you can thump me later)

Sarah Gauntlett said...

i went through a phase of spelling Sarah as Sera and writing my e's backwards.... yup. cool.

Great to see the before and after pics of your man! what an achievement! Still think he looks like Dan Carter.. now..

Catching the Magic said...

Oh, this is such a gorgeous post MegHan! I never knew that about your name and I love it!

Dan was talking the other day about Mark and his amazing achievement in healthy living and keeping fit. Poor Dan has been a little busy of late and we both need to make time to put our fitness higher up the priority list (and take a look at diets too).

I'm so excited that you are considering a third child. You and Mark are such wonderful parents that there would be little spirits lining up for you to be their Ma and Pa :) xx

I tried to write a comment earlier today on my phone, but it got lost. I'm getting told to move my arse to dinner now... better go!

It was wonderful to see you last weekend, thank you so much for coming to our little party with your gorgeous family xx

dearfutureme... said...

Such a cool post! I love these things that you probably wouldnt have occasion to blog about otherwise! And I think its so funny you did it on your voice memo! Go Mark for the weight loss - inspiring! And LOVE the Help!!

Leonie said...

haha Love it!
and Im with PJ, number three was a big surprise, but totally worth it and those early days are but a speck now they are all at school!
yay for your hubby, thats a big achievement!
great getting to know you more ;)

Miriam said...

That is so interesting. I love knowing all these funny things about you! At least he'll never forget your birthday! BTW because of the H i pronounce your name differently in my head!


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