04 November 2011

Things I'm Loving 4.11.11

Pebble pit therapy at Te Papa
There's nothing like lying in a pebble pit making pebble angels to lift the soul.

And the feel of these cool little babies running through my toes.....heaven.

The deep pebbles also make for a nice soft landing.

New toilet seat
Is it insanely weird to be loving a toilet seat? Quite possibly it is. But after the old toilet seat broke and it was sitting loose on top of the bowl for a few days and any sudden movement whilst doing one's business could have proved messy, I was pretty pleased when hubby bought and installed a new one.

Apart the fact that I had no idea that going from a plastic one to a wooden one, there would be an extreme temperature drop. Crikey, I nearly jump sky-high off the toilet seat every time I have to do a middle of the night wee cos I get such a fright when my butt hits the freezing cold seat. Yes, far too much information I know.

The good old days
Found this great old family picture when visiting my grandmother a couple of weeks ago. My favourite part - how awesomely high those shorts are riding on me and my brother!

Great feedback

Last week we received an email from Noah's teacher out of the blue. It was only two lines but it brought us such joy:
I just wanted to let you know how thrilled I am with the progress that Noah is making with writing his own stories. He is carefully sounding out words with excellent results and he is making very exciting progress.

This was followed up by being awarded 'Star of the Week' in his class on Friday.

Go you good thing, Noah!

Chilli chocolate
I'm not one for chilli in anything. I always prefer to eat my curries mild, and the word vindaloo or madras fills me with dread. So it was with surprise that I tried and enjoyed Donovans Lime & Chilli Chocolate. It was even a little bit hotter than the Lindt chilli chocolate which I also adore, but I still loved it. Have you tried it?!

Dude loves dress up
'Me Buzz?'

Yep, you're rocking it kiddo.

Whatcha loving in your neck of the woods this week?


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