11 November 2011

Things I'm Loving 11.11.11

Fireworks in fading light
So we didn't quite manage to keep the boys up till it got totally dark, but we had fun anyway.

Toasting marshmallows over our gas hob is fast becoming an annual pre-firework tradition.

Guess Who?
We rediscovered an oldie but a goodie in the cupboard last weekend. Noah informed me he had made one of his favourite people for me to guess...and when I finally had guessed all the right parts...it turned out he had made it look just like Poppa. I did ask Noah whether a brown haired version would be more appropriate, but apparently Poppa you suit snowy white better...tee hee. Out of the mouths of babes....

Duct tape as you've never seen it
Well it's one way to pass a rainy afternoon anyway. At one point (before Mylo trashed the whole thing by walking through the middle of it all with a big trolley) we had a supermarket, 2 tunnels, an airport, a bridge, a school, a daycare and a farm on the go! Who says fun can't be free, or cheap as chips anyway?

Piqued by Pinterest
My creative bug hasn't been doing much biting lately. I want to blame it on having gone all out with the planning of the formidable Star Wars party (and in particular the creation of that dratted Death Star pinata that nearly sent me over the edge). But it's probably also sheer laziness, and lack of motivation and finding ideas that this creative simpleton feels she can manage if I'm honest. Back when Pinterest first took hold, I dabbled a little, pinned a bit, but apart from making a few button cards hadn't really done much in real-life...

So anyways, last week, I rediscovered all there is to love about the place that is Pinterest. And yes, I fell in love again. So there will be crafts. Oh yes, there will be crafts. And with Christmas creeping around the corner, no make that Christmas is now on a collision course with us, what better excuse than to get my creative on?

So watch this space people. The girl actually done stuff! Oh you want a little sneak peek....well since you asked so nicely and all......

Can you guess?

All will be revealed soon!

Day of days
I was going to schedule this post to go live at 11:11 on the 11/11/11 (that's today y'all!), but I thought that fact might be lost on most - especially if you're reading this in a whole other timezone! Why would I even care? Well it is my favourite number and it's not often you get all those numbers so beautifully in alignment.

Source: Pinterest

And on that note, if you'll excuse me, a weekend and a bug that's finally decide to bite awaits *rubs hands gleefully*
And you can catch up with other Loving over here.



dearfutureme... said...

So cool! I like 11/11/11 as well - so exciting! (And I am in another timezone so it doesnt happen for me for another 14 hours, 4 minutes!

Nikki said...

Love guess who! Love the pintrest creation that I know what it is! Love it being 11.11.11 tomorrow for me! And I love Pintrest, you will have a wee surprise coming in the mail in the next few weeks (hopefully!) xxx

Renee said...

Oh I love pinterest! That's so funny - we have been doing the masking tape thing too - we've been making paddocks for animals to live in!

Miriam said...

ah I love the way you write. Love the fun you have as a family and I am LOOKING FORWARD to seeing some creations.

Ange (Tall, Short and Tiny) said...

Wow, that Guess Who looks so much fancier than the version we had as kids! Love your fireworks tradition, and can't wait to see your Pinterest creations.
I learned yesterday that 111111 x 111111 = 12345654321 which appeals to me greatly for some reason (I am not a numbers girl, usually).

PaisleyJade said...

Ooo - I can't wait to see what you create!!! Love your list and loooove your guess who game (I've never seen one like that before!!).


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