25 November 2011

Things I'm Loving 25.11.11

A little (big) gem
Once in a while a little nugget escapes from the mouths of our babes, quite unexpectedly. This one was particularly amusing, and I'm sure fellow mums will identify with the mixture of amusement/slight mortification I felt.

I had just finished getting undressed to get into the shower with Mylo, and I was standing naked in the bathroom. We were just about to take his clothes off, when he looked at me. I mean really looked at me. Like for the first time he was actually noticing my nakedness, and this is what he said:

'Big bottom mummy'.....promptly followed by 'Little bottom me'

Awesome or what?! I laughed and laughed, thinking to myself, 'it's a good thing you're so young and cute boyo, as I doubt I'm gonna find that one quite so entertaining in a few years' time!'

Have you ever tasted a piece of fruit that you could absolutely swear was the nicest of its kind you'd ever tried? This was my experience with our first watermelon of the season this week. So juicy, so flavoursome, no pips to have to spit back out, everything about it was so just right!

And from the pages of our garden
Radishes. It's our first year growing them. From seed, I might add. And they are super easy to grow, and super quick. I'm not sure I ever really liked them growing up. But much in the same way I love rocket salad leaves,  the spicy pepperiness (OK...that's not even a word but you know what I mean!) of the radishes is so refreshing. The little guy loves em too. Nom, nom nom!

On the fence
So unless you live with your head in the sand in NZ right now, you'd all know that tomorrow is election day. Slap my wrists if you want, but I haven't been paying too much attention to all the hoo haa and giving my vote much thought until this week.

Which is why I quite liked this On The Fence application. Basically you feed the sheep political policies under categories such as Health, Education, Transport, Nuclear, Justice etc. I only did about five categories but I was surprised (and kinda not at the same time) to see what it put my preferred political party as.

So if you're like me, and still not a little vague or undecided about who you'll be voting for tomorrow, why not put the sheep through his paces?

Our national airline
How cool to be these unsuspecting sixty diners out for an evening meal! Watch and see what happens.

Proud of the creativity of our national airline. Sure beats the stick Qantas is getting at the moment for grounded planes and industrial action. Although we are flying Qantas to Melbourne in March so let's hope they've sorted their act out by then!

Crafty Christmas creations
Don't stop me now, I'm on a serious roll, people!

These were the latest creations rustled up this past week spied in the Little Treasures magazine. A great way to put the excess popsicle sticks left over from the Giant Snowflakes to good use.

And tutorials for these (I'm SO addicted and I can tell I'm going to be making more of these!) were spotted on both How About Orange and Lily & Georgie this week.

Boys on beach
Loving being able to get a free carpark pretty much every time we go to hang out at our little Oriental Parade Beach. Yes, it is a pathetic excuse for a beach by anywhere other than Welly's standards, and yes the wind started blowing something fierce forcing us off the beach in a  matter of minutes with the sand being whipped up and stinging every part of exposed skin.

We went from this serene 'playing on the beach' scene......

to holding onto our hats and nearly being lifted off our feet in a matter of seconds. Loving the facials though!

A Green Christmas awaits me
I'm finally allowing myself to get super excited about Ruth Pretty's Christmas cooking class on Sunday. It seems like months ago that I blogged about being offered a free place on one of her highly sought after sell-out Christmas events merely for having written an honest but glowing review of last year's Narnia-like experience. Never for once dreaming that it would ever be read and appreciated so far and wide. But now the time has finally come. Now...how to last till Sunday without going completely crazy in anticipation?

Perhaps we can put the Christmas tree up tomorrow ...we're four days early but who's counting? Gosh, I love this time of the year! One month till we celebrate the most important birthday in the history of mankind.

What about you? Is that festive glow that warms you from the inside out like a glass of mulled wine on a cold winter's night upon you yet?

Mmmm...mulled wine, now there's a thought. I wonder if I could make some?!....*scribbles it on the growing list of things she'd love to try this Christmas*

What things are you already loving about this time of the year?



remaliah said...

Oh man, I have SUCH a list of fun things I want to try this Christmas too! :) Our dining table has a bit of a pile of started projects going on! Love your loving things. The watermelon looks delicious and...just love what little people come out with! I can't wait for that stage with our girls :) I am also thinking that tomorrow (well, still the day after tomorrow here!) is just the right time to put up the tree. The first weekend of Advent and one month until Christmas. Why wait until December?? Have a great weekend! x

jacksta said...

I think we've all been told our bottoms are big!
Great list.
Have a good weekend!

Miriam said...

Just to share WAY too much info my 2 year old asked me 'why are you wearing that?' when we had a shower together and I had to tell him it was hair not clothes!!! Love you list I look forward to hearing about the fun at Ruth's cooking thing!

Ms. Kate said...

Love the 3D balls. Tried the sheep but didn't agree with him lol. Still undecided though. I might wake up in the morning and go with the sheep!

Catching the Magic said...

Hee, hee, so much fun! Congrats on the yummy radishes in your garden and yes, I have tried the watermelon that's appeared in the supermarket and it doesn't last long in our fridge!

That video really is a crack up hey - and dear Kieran is awesome (he used to live next door for a couple of years!).

Your Christmas craftiness is freaking me out girl! I am in denial and have written cards and posted to the UK and that's it. Just focused on surviving last 2 week's of school term and all the events that are on, preparing for Sophie's Birthday party on the 22nd and my folks visit. I'm planning a 'Kiwiana' Christmas without a snow flake in sight ;) xx - because they make me home sick! x

Amy said...

That video is awesome! Such lucky diners too, to be given such a great gift.

Had to laugh at Mylo's observation. Kids really do say the darndest things!

Penny said...

we put our tree up this week. I figured since we were leaving on 20th Dec we earned a few days extra with it! Def make the mulled wine- there are some super easy recipes on the web- I made Jamie Olivers one- you can just make it in a pot in a jiffy and just use half a bottle so you have a glass each YUM! PS if you eat the fruit in it I figure its kind of healthy???

PaisleyJade said...

haha - cracking up at the big bottom bit. Isn't that just how all kids are! Loving your list - you go hard girl with your creativeness!!!

Nikki said...

Love your loving! Mylo is so precious! And I totally want watermelon now! Talk soon xx


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