21 February 2012

Eight ain't enough

It's our eight year anniversary today....wow.

I found this cute packet of Love Heart fizzy sweets (in the English food section) at Pak n Save Masterton and I surreptitiously took a photo of my favourite ones and placed them in the shape of a heart with specific phrases for him to read. And so it became his anniversary card with the sweets wrapped up inside for him to eat in that order. The boys and I quite happily scoffed the rest of the rejected phrase sweets!

And um...I wasn't flavour of the month as while I was busy making the card, I was meant to be watching the roast veges that were going in our pasta salad on Saturday night when we had visitors coming and I completely forgot to get them out and burnt the lot. It's a good thing there's some things I am good at, like creating cute cards for you though aye Markie?

And eight is definitely not nearly enough years to spend with the love of my life. Here's to the next eight, and the next and the next and the next hey honey!

Love you Dear One, and I hope you still love me....burnt veg and all!

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