15 February 2012

Wordless Wednesday: The South Coast

A tale of two halves on a Wednesday afternoon- where you'll see my new Tokina wide angle lens got a fair workout.

Carlucciland: A mad hatters paradise 

Such an unusual spot.

Where a plastic red Wiggles punch buggy doesn't seem at all out of place.

Neither does a random Aussie number plate stuck on the wall.

So many statues the eye can hardly decide where to look next.

Bull horns anyone?

Or a metal crocodile perhaps?

And no one bats an eyelid at two stuffed koalas up a ponga fern tree

A boy totally at home behind a wheel. Any kind of wheel.

Surprising how metal and junk can be beautiful

I call the other half of this tale 
Sweet summer afternoon joy

The South Coast called

We answered.

This beautiful paua shell the find of the day.

And with this lens, I thee wed.
The sky is somehow bluer.

The world more expansive. 

So many objects of desire to be found under their gentle touch

Then there's the contrast of his silky soft skin against the jagged rocks

And his gaze far wiser than his five years in this world

Side by side, the two pieces of my heart on the outside beat in unison

I see past a boy on the rocks and see man and nature in harmony

I see man and nature as one

And this heart is full to overflowing.


remaliah said...

Man, what a great lens! But also a gifted eye to make the most of it! I love these photos. What a fun adventure :)

jacksta said...

lovely pix Meg~

Marriage from Scratch said...

Cool pics! I’d love for you to come link up at Marriage from Scratch!!


alicia said...

Beautiful, beautiful photos! Wow! Even the metal signs look beautiful. You rocked these, mama. Yah for new toys!

Megan C. said...

Aw man, I wanna take pictures there! great shots, I'm jealous

momto8 said...

wow..I can experience this place through your pictures!

Brigitte said...

Wow Meghan those photos are incredible!
Love how new toys make life more beautiful ;) xx

Sarah of Catching the Magic said...

Blown away by the images you're capturing! And that Carlucciland is a photographers dream hey! Amazing place and love the new ride-ons they have to keep the young'uns amused whilst the big kids play mini-golf. I found myself pushing Alice around in the go-cart for ages... talking to the duck most of the time!

dearfutureme... said...

You are such a great photographer - gorgeous pics!


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