24 February 2012

Things I'm Loving 24.2.12

Can you recognise anyone you know under all that hair?

Park play
Loving seeing Noah confident enough to stand up on the flying fox these days.

Loving that Mylo was confident enough to hang upside down and go down the slide with his eyes closed, saying 'watch my new trick, Mummy'.

Love is sweet
We celebrated our 8-year wedding anniversary on Tuesday.  As well as the homemade card I made, I took advantage of the traditional Bronze theme for the 8th wedding anniversary to make a bronze heart on the envelope and give my love a bronze bunny (which is being saved for the end of the month when we're officially off the diets!). Although if his look is anything to go by, I'm not sure bunny is going to make it that far!

Loving that I got an unexpected bunch of gerberas delivered to my desk on the day, and that despite the fact we had said we'd save our dinner out for later, Markie surprised me with this note when I got home from the school run.

Loving that after thirteen years together, he knows me so well that my favourite wine was chilling in the fridge  AND he'd booked a table at our sweet little Italian restaurant Il Piccolo which holds so many happy memories of other nights out over the years.

The poetry of life
Loving that even though it wasn't a fun experience at the time, we were able to use last week's accident as an opportunity to create poetry about life. It's been an up and down week on the healing front, and we've had to make a couple of trips back to the doctor to get the burn dressed again, and it's been terribly itchy at times for the poor poppet. On top of all that, he's had a nasty virus and temperature and had a couple of quiet days at home..tis the poetry of life..these ebbs and flows.

Football fanatics
Loving the boys following in Daddy's footsteps and being initiated into the love of the game at a young age.

Daddy's little groovers
Yep, just another Sunday morning dance sesh in our lounge :-)

Hope you can dance your way into a happy weekend with a smile on your face just like these two!

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