08 February 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Milkshakes and Seagulls

Take one impossible summers day.

And three with cabin fever.

We seek solace in a cafe on the beach that reminds us of our roots

It's the coolest spot in town.

Where all manner of interesting folk hang out.

And a milkshake shared is a problem halved.

Take an indoor maritime theme.

And follow it outdoors to the real thing.

Where ruffled feathers are braced to the wind.

And two cheeky children throw seaweed with the pretence of food, tempting our feathered friends to
come closer.

Before they give up hope and return to their staunch, silent pose.

And we return to running the beach. Skeleton suit and all.

We leave our friends to carry on their plumping and bracing in peace.

Our footsteps all the evidence left of this brief interlude in an otherwise forgettable day.

This was an opportunity to see beauty in an otherwise spectacularly poor summer day. It had poured down all day with galeforce winds, and yet we seized a window in the late afternoon to create something worth remembering. A day where we had to dig deep to rekindle any Love for Where You Live.

No matter where you live, there is always something to love. 
Even on the worst of days. 
This linky celebrates all that is good and lovely about where you live.
Whether that's Wellington or Timbuktu. 
Next time you open your eyes and find beauty where you live
come and link up!


momto8 said...

what fun...and so much to see that we really never see!
I am your newer follower..pls follow back if you can.

Sarah said...

Such fresh angles of one of my favourite bays in Wellington - took me a moment to recognise it! So glad you managed to get out and enjoy some (very!) fresh air :) x Really love your 'new look' blog and enlarged photographs - makes me feel like I could dive into the pictures!


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