17 February 2012

Things I'm Loving: Through Their Eyes

A slightly different take on Things I'm Loving this week.

I came across nearly a year's worth of photos taken by the boys on our old digital camera that we let them play with and it made me smile so much I just had to share the photos.

They are cute.

They are funny.

They tell a story or two.

And in case you were wondering that is Mark Paston (he of Kiwi football legend fame) sitting in our lounge.

They tell of life.

Our daily life.

Raw, unedited us.

There are way more photos of me on here than you'll ever see taken on my camera. And mostly not very flattering!

But hey, my kids love me enough to want to take my photo.

Even in pyjamas eating breakfast.

Pulling silly faces.

In my grungiest, grubbiest old clothes playing Scaletrix and reading stories.

Or cleaning the bathroom.

And as wonderful as all those magical moments we spend time creating and photographing are, this is just as much our real life as that other life.

And you know what? I love it.

What does your real unedited life look like?


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