26 March 2012

Somewhere over the rainbow: the wedding of two special people

Hello bloggy world, I'm ba-aaaack!

I have so much to share and I can only type so fast...so you'll have to bear with me these next few days. And whilst I know I should really save the best for last, I just can't do it as I'm so eager to share the wonders of the big day first!

It was an early start for us all, and we were out of the house at 7.45am for the half hour drive to town. It was even earlier still for Kim up at 4.30am for hair and make-up to make it on time to the 9am ceremony. It was by no means a warm Melbourne day, with the temperature only around 12-15 degrees so I was glad I'd popped into a shop for a last minute jacket purchase the day before just to keep the chill off my shoulders.

The Melbourne skyline greeted us spectacularly as we drove in, and I was reminded again of what a fantastic city we had the pleasure of experiencing this past week.

We arrived at Christ Church, South Yarra with plenty of time to spare, which was a relief after a few earlier mishaps in the driving directions department in the few days prior to this. The church was beautiful, I can see why Nic and Kim chose this very beautiful spot to exchange their vows.

Our Noah was first up with his wedding duties, enjoying a stint of ushering handing out the Order of Service with two other young boys as people arrived, during which time we spotted a massive hand-sized (and thankfully the only one we'd seen in real life during the trip) spider up above the door of the church. I joked to someone that I hoped it didn't decide to fall down on Kim's head as she walked through the door. That would have made an interesting start to married life!

I was so proud watching my brother await his bride (and my other brother looking mighty swish too) at the altar, I had tears welling up even before Kim walked in the door. Although I had to pull it together quickly in order to read from Psalm 100 for my little part to play in the big day.

After a beautiful and uplifting service, my brother and his new wife walked out of the church with huge smiles for all to see. It was a tad cold (somewhat of an understatement) waiting outside for photos in our summer attire, but we enjoyed the opportunity for family photos before heading over to Church 364, the reception venue in Richmond. Not before snapping a pic of Noah with Kim's beloved VW Beetle (aka the Punch Buggy) in the church car park.

Words are difficult to describe the effort that had gone into creating a beautiful wedding theme at the reception, the wishing tree, the scrabble board and tiles, the rainbows, the gorgeous table settings. It was all so beautifully thought out, I found myself wanting to take photos of it all day long. That was, in between the tears flowing freely down my cheeks at the beautiful speeches that were made. Hubby Mark, was the MC for the day and he did a sterling job, particularly as there were time constraints and he had to figure out a few things on the fly to try and help make up some time along the way as there was a photo shoot and a plane to catch for our bride and groom afterwards.

It was so wonderful having our family together in one place, albeit for a few hours, my mum and dad, my youngest brother and his lovely partner, my elderly grandma and my aunty and uncle who had also made the trip from NZ. Get-togethers like this are few and far between in our family, spread out as we are across country and continents. And to have us all together for such a wonderful, momentous occasion, well my heart was literally bursting. That was in between the moments of dealing with a clingy 2-year old who was getting tireder by the minute come mid-afternoon and it being way past his nap time.

We caught up with the bride and groom again after their group photos at various locations around Melbourne and waved our precious newlyweds off in the setting sun to catch a flight to Sydney in their wedding gear to have a few final night shots taken in Sydney. Then they were to depart for Santorini, the same place we spent our honeymoon - what great taste!

Here is a short selection of my favourites of the day accompanied by one of the awesome songs sung on the day, which can do the day justice far more than anything else I might possibly try and say.


And if this video doesn't work.....try this one! Been having a few 'Over the rainbow' copyright issues....!


Cat said...

so beautiful Megs
I love your outfit...so sweet

love and light

remaliah said...

beautiful beautiful photos! i feel like we got to watch in :) you all looked lovely! hope your brother & new sister-in-law have a wonderful time away xx

Tracey Easte said...

WOW - looks like it was a beautiful day for all. Nik & Kim looked amazing, as did you and your gorgeous boys! Cant wait to hear all about it when i see you next xo

Simoney said...

What a lovely wedding... and I LOVE that family photo of the four of you - gorgeous!


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