14 March 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday: Tempted by Temt

I find it very difficult to walk past Temt.


So I try to only set foot through the door twice a year, MAX. Once to get a few summer items, and then again for a few winter bits and bobs.

My love affair with Temt started way back on my first ever trip to Sydney for a weekend in 2006. And it has been going ever since. I was as happy as a sandboy (girl?) when Temt arrived in Queensgate Lower Hutt about 3-4 years ago, and I think it'd be fair to say about 70-80% of my wardrobe is from there, with the rest made up by the occasional trip to Farmers or Glassons (although rarer these days).

Yes I know there is probably a reason the clothes are so cheap, and yes I have had to mend the odd thing not long after I've bought it (usually buttons falling off or zips needing a bit of TLC) but for this gal whose sewing machine abilities hark right back to Form 1 and 2 and are a skill not much used since other than the odd bit of hand sewing, I enjoy the fact I can still buy clothes that (I think) look good at pretty bargain prices. Sure it'd be great to have the vision to find amazing thrifted creations, or the creativity and ability to remodel or create amazing outfits from scratch (oh how I envy the likes of Dee and Miriam), but it's just not me. At least, not right at this point in my life anyway.

So without further ado, here is (in my mind) $100 well spent the other day on 3 tops, 2 skirts and 2 dresses (1 black top not shown in these pics, and as you can see I was too lazy to change my boots for any of the pics!)

What I love about this dress: it has 3 lovely tiers in the skirt, it sits nicely, I love polka dots! As I found out last week though, it's pretty flyaway and definitely NOT one for a windy Wellington day...try pushing a stroller with a toddler in it uphill with one hnd whilst holding down your dress from the world seeing your knickers with the other hand, it's no mean feat!

I love everything about this dress, the colours, the sash, the dinky little slanted pockets right under the sash (that you can't really see in this pic), the neckline, even the length! Although both of these dresses are a little shorter than most of the dresses I usually wear, I thought what the hey, might as well show off a bit of leg from time to time! Dee, this dress reminds me of you so much!

The top is super comfy, tighter on the forearms and at the waist and then with a bit of extra the sides (I call them batwings but that's probably a little extreme). I bought the top in black as well. And I love the gypsy looking skirt, it has a soft feel about it, and the brown/blue combination (which I'm sure was a considered a total fashion no no a few years ago) goes so well somehow?!

This is such a cute skirt. You can't really see them fully in this pic but I love the way the pockets are slanted with the stripes going the other way, and it sits so nicely too!

Last but not least, I just love this heart top. It is cute without being OTT, made of sheer fabric with a longer rounded hem at the back and a black zip at the top of the back (not shown here though). The sleeves are gathered at the top with a little button and I know it will look great under a white long sleeve top in the winter.

Now to convince myself I need not go back until the spring...a kinda hard sell when the store is only about 100m from my work! So there is the reason I walk down a completely different street to get to/from work!

Do you have a favourite from these outfits? For me, I think it's between the 2 dresses but I still can't decide which I love the best.

*Happy sated shopping sigh*


Catching the Magic said...

How adorable you look in all these photographs! I particularly love the second dress. I haven't been to 'Temp' yet - but you should be on commission as I'm now very, very tempted!

Gail said...

You look great!! lots of great bargains - love how you can work the boots with them all!

Sammy said...

You're so pretty! Love the clothes and yes the dresses are my fans xx

Dee said...

1. you are SO right! gimme a bit of floral + little black ribbon belt and i'm sold! :))
2. you fantastic in that length dress - you have great pins!

cool to see you joining in WW


Miriam said...

Love this post. I've never been into Temt - this may be a good thing seeing all your awesome goodies. Love the polka dots dress and the stripe skirt but you look great in all of them - maybe you need to be joining us on Wardrobe Weds more often!! Congrats on the poop development too


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