13 March 2012

You know you're about to go on holiday when...

- Murphy the cat stops eating for the entire weekend, has to go to the vet and they are sufficiently worried at his state that he has to stay in overnight with suspected pancreatitis (although he seems a little better today and is home again - Tuesday - we need to keep an eye on him these next few days)
- Son 1 has tonsilitis....again. Had the day off from school today Tuesday - who knows what the rest of the week will bring...and is on antibiotics for 10 days...again. Antibiotics which we will have to take with us and find a way to keep refrigerated all the way to Melbourne and administer three times daily with food over there.
- Son 2 has been complaining about a sore bottom so I took both boys to the doctors this afternoon and he has worms and has had to have worm medicine and 7 days worth of cream to be applied to his botty.

I think I've been to the doctors more times in the past two months than in the last 2 years put together!

I'm not sure why we should be surprised that these things get thrown at us in the lead up to a big trip somewhere. Here's a recap of what happened last time we took an overseas trip in April 2008, it was an absolute fiasco, which you can read all about here too.

- Noah came down with an ear infection (he was 20 months old) that was so bad we very nearly couldn't fly at all
- We had to juggle a whole week of sick leave between us with Mark working days and me working nights to get through all our work deadlines before the holiday
- I had my first Chartered Accountant study workshop the day we left and the day before (I literally walked out of the workshop and hopped into the car to go to the airport)
- I fell up some stairs rather badly the day before we flew and had severely bruised elbows and knees for a good few weeks afterwards
- And then someone hit our car as we were on our way to the airport!

So tell me does stuff like this happen to anyone else just before a big event? Cos it's almost becoming a tradition around here!


remaliah said...

Yes! It's crazy huh!! Hope the rest of your leadup is uneventful and the sore throat and botty is fine for the travels. I know what you mean, though. Elise had her only two ear infections going to NZ and also back to Switzerland. Bad timing for 40 hour trips! She had liquid antibiotics on the way back and I also worried about having no fridge, but the doc said not to worry, so you should be ok with yours? We're going to spend the weekend with Eti's cousins in Alsace, France this weekend. Some have never met the girls cos on the morning of last year's trip Elise came down with a mystery high temp. So here goes trip 2 and trusting all will be fine :-) for you all too!! Have a WONDERFUL time :-) xx

Catching the Magic said...

Oh Meghan! Hope all is looking brighter near the end of the week and your departure. Poor you - and your cat and your boys! Phewie. Sending well wishes and hoping that all else goes smoothly and, most importantly, hope you have a truly wonderful time when you get there!! xx


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