30 March 2012

Things I'm Loving 30.3.12

Take #2: You might have already seen this unfinished post in Google Reader last night thanks to a 2-year old's lightning quick fingers on the keyboard when I wasn't watching! Here's the finished version!

This week I am loving....being home. I am not loving getting back into routines though, as neither of the boys wanted to go bed when we got home and we have been finding it SO HARD to wake up in the mornings. But I am loving these four walls. And even more so having hubby home. After only 12 hours in the country, he had to turn around go back to Melbourne on Monday morning for work, so I was holding the fort ably assisted by my two trusty assistants, Heidi and Jackie until Thursday morning.

Why women stay single
Hee hee, this is cute. You probably have to be a cat lover to appreciate it though.

Not a Box
I just loved this cute book that Noah brought home from the school library last week. It reminded me a lot of another book I love called It's a Book, but Not a Box had it's own unique style and appeal. I love how it's dedicated to 'children everywhere sitting in cardboard boxes'.

Highly recommended reading right here!

Toothpick and marshmallow creations

I got this cool idea from All for the Boys a couple of months ago. And have been wanting to try it with the boys ever since. Today we had fun making pyramids, birthday cakes, rocket ships, a helicopter, a cube, a trampoline, and a person. Not to mention the fun that was had eating them all afterwards.

Put your feet up
A few weeks ago we'd decided to get rid of our futon sofa bed. It's never been used much as a bed and it's not at all comfortable as a couch so we were keen to trade it in. Gotta love what some people will pay for stuff on Trade Me as we did pretty well out of the sale, and then our lovely friends Shannon & Guy who own VAST furniture in Wellington gave us a great deal on this awesome new couch. Love the colour, and love that we have another comfy place in the house to put our feet up. This has Saturday morning coffee or sunny afternoon reading spot written all over it.

And love how the sofa looks so happy plonked in the midst of kid chaos!

Thinking outside (or inside) the square

This has been doing the rounds of Facebook this week. If you stare at it long enough, you might be surprised at what you see. Think TV series people, and the top left one should come to you easily with most of them following shortly after!

The hardest one is bottom right. Tell me which ones you get!

And with that I wish you all a very happy weekend with lots to love in it from start to finish.

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