15 June 2012

Things I'm Loving 15.6.12

I wholeheartedly believe that no matter what is happening in your life, there is always something you can be thankful for..no matter how simple it is.

Green egg and ham pikelets anyone?
Not sure how I got conned into making these so close to dinner time. With cries of 'my turn' to put an ingredient in, and 'my turn' to lick the bowl, we decided that if we split the mixture and coloured each one separately they could lick their own bowls, and eat their own coloured pikelets to their hearts content without any bickering.

And it worked a treat!

Brothers on the Big Slide
One chilly afternoon last week after school we went to the Botanical Gardens playground. There was hardly anyone there, and you could already see your breath at 3.30pm brrrrrrrrrrrrrr, but these two kept themselves warm and entertained despite!

And though I didn't get any photographic evidence, I was totally loving Mylo's confidence at conquering the big slide all on his own for the first time. I've been down those slides a few times and even I find them pretty exhilarating!

The inaugural goal

Loved going to watch my little footballer play for the first time this year. I did not however, love Mylo being a pain in the *$#! and crying practically the whole hour we were at the football field so I was forced to hold him in my arms for the hour whilst he moaned and cried about how cold he was and how much he wanted Daddy (who was otherwise occupied leading a rotating station for the football kids). My poor arms were shaking the rest of the day with the exertion of holding 13kg of unhappy child. I think Noah takes after Mark and doesn't really feel the cold at all, while Mylo is the first to tell you when he's cold, hmmm I think he takes after his mum there as I always struggle to stay warm enough in winter - so I guess I should maybe cut him a little slack.

Anyway I loved that I got to see Noah's first goal of the year though. It made having a little Minnie Moaner in tow pale into comparison....well kind of.

Loving seeing how confident and natural Noah is on the pitch, the seasons of Little Dribblers he did at ages 3-4 have definitely stood him in good stead.

This pic
Loved the contrast in this pic, these two look barely recognisable as the same young loves, but at the same time somehow almost as if nothing has changed?

Loved watching the Diamond Jubilee concert outside Buckingham Palace last week on TV. Made hubby very proud to be British all over again, and me for him I must say.

That'll teach me
Loving how helpful hubby is when I'm running around in a mad rush in the mornings trying to get out the door to work. Especially loving that upon my request he went upstairs to our room to get my 'cowgirl boots' as he called them to pop in my bag for the day.

Imagine my surprise when I got to work and pulled them out. Ahem! It's a good thing I keep an old pair of boots under my desk for emergencies such as these. Some of the comments I got on Facebook afterwards were pretty funny too, especially these two classic ones from Mark's mates!

Stair surfing
I once saw Sarah's girls from Catching the Magic doing this and thought it'd go down a treat on our stairs too. It's good to see the cot mattress being put to use again since it's been gathering cobwebs up in the loft lately!

Naughtiness and then some
And last but not least, loving the amazingly naughty Icecream Cake we made to take out to our friends place for dinner. It was made first by the amazing PJ over at Paisley Jade. You can find the recipe here. But be warned, it is pretty amazing.

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Unknown said...

Awesome list! I made pikelets yesterday and was wondering how I might make them coloured - go you!
Sarann xx

Miriam said...

Ha love the coloured pikelets and the FB comments are SO classic. The ice cream cake looks pretty amazing too. x

Sophie Slim said...

Eeeheheehe i love your boots story! SO GOOD.

I love sitting down on a friday with a hot cuppa in hand reading all of these lovely posts <3

Jaz from Treacy Family said...

Oh how I have missed you. Done a bit of catch up reading. Much love to you and your delicious fam!!

Catching the Magic said...

Hee, hee, those pikelets are hilarious! Love the boots story - I missed that on my FB feed somehow - the comments are a hoot! Go Noah on the pitch (and go you, supportive Mama holding a 13kg child!).

Glad you got some stair surfing in too ;) xx

Bron said...

I have done that with shoes before...but I had to head home and change them.....love the photo of the Queen and her love.
Have a lovely weekend. x

Anonymous said...

The staircase surfing looks like so much fun! And I must admit, the pic of the Queen and Prince Phillip brought a tear to my eye.


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