12 June 2012

MNM's Make: I-Spy Bottle

This is a great activity to keep young AND old entertained finding each of the items in the bottle, some are quite elusive!

One glass jar
Small selection of craft items for the bottle

Gather a selection of craft items you can put into the bottle to be found (I used 20)

Take a photo of your items so you know what will be hiding in the bottle.

Put a layer of rice in, and then add a few items, then more rice and more items until you have filled the whole jar.

Then play the game!

(N.B. In hindsight, putting things made of felt in the jar wasn't the best idea as they tend to stick to each other in a big clump or even to the jar itself so I may redo the bottle with less items and take the felt ones out).

And the 5 cent piece is by far the most elusive item to find. We've only found it once!


Penny said...

Ive done this too! We used red lentils (as we'd run out of rice) which worked too...actually I think its still in the pantry somewhere.....

Bron said...

Such a great idea...I have made these in a rice sewn bag but I love the quickness of the bottle and the ability to change it if needed. x


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