23 August 2012

Bing Bang Bong {it's the Pirate Song}

Does anyone know the tune of 'Bing Bang Bong, it's the Pirate Song' by the Wiggles?

It was an apt melody to accompany the couple of hours of awesome creative fun I had with the boys on Sunday.

Firstly introductions. There was Captain Basil (Noah). Then there was First Mate Schmazel (Mylo) and Second Mate Wazel (me).

There were many adventures. We walked the plank.Got chased by a crocodile (enter Mylo in his alternative role).

Told stories around the ship's campfire and ate toasted marshmallows.

Enjoyed a pirate pit-stop - Iced Animals and fruit.

Climbed the crows nest to search for Land Ahoy (upstairs in our bedroom).

Went down into the bowels of the ship to check on the prisoner, a large sea mammoth (aka the red car down in the garage).

Then it was time to make good on the real adventure and go in search of the treasure.

Captain Basil produced a map - which also doubled well as a telescope. The map showed that we would have to go over the Bridge of Doom, crawl through the Mountain of Mystery, through a deep, dark jungle, before the climax - surfing down Lava Falls.

And then we had reached our destination - the City of Lost Gold.

We dug down deep where 'X' marked the spot. And there our treasure we found!

We celebrated the end of our adventure with a jolly old knees-up to the tune of 'Bing Bang Bong, it's the Pirate Song' cranking it out on the stereo.

Loving how long this game kept us entertained this afternoon!

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