15 August 2012

WW: Take a walk with me

Through my neighbourhood.

See what I see.

The unique alternative to graffiti on our local concrete wall

A familiar sight on most street corners these days.
Winter appears to be the time for roadworks everywhere we look

We're surrounded by beautiful old villas dotted amongst native trees

Views across the harbour to the mountains 

Look closely and you may even see two elephants in this garden

The birdsong of tui calling each other in the kowhai is engaging and enthralling

almost overpowering

The magnolia bud awaits its moment in the spotlight
Not too far away now

Down a steep path to the gardens we go,
past a fence naturally painted green with moss

The calla lilly opens herself up towards the light

In the shadows we become aware of a silent face watching 

Taking us in quietly, poised and graceful

The gardens greet us
Bare winter branches hover over undeniable signs of Spring

Little pockets of tenacious buds already poking through the earth

Brightening muted browns and greys with bold splashes of colour

Still, I can hardly believe it's true unless I hold it for myself

More signs abound in other parts of the garden

In the delicateness of fallen magnolia petals

A luxurious carpet covering bare earth

All too soon, we leave glorious colour behind

Back into muted greens and browns

We admire this seat and its contemplative vantage point 

And wander back through lush fern fronds to the road home

We emerge on a road sloping every upward, with grand houses on either side

Climbing eventually to the village, my local village. 

This is my only recently discovered local curry house. They do a mean butter chicken.

Directly over the road is the Mediterranean Food Warehouse.
They do a great wood-fired pizza selection.

The local Anglican church stands on the corner.
A solid foundation of faith amongst the many cafes and restaurants

We wander past this week's wine specials enticing a purchase

And last but not least, I point out our local fish n chippie. 
Their chicken cranberry brie burger is something else!

Hey, thanks for coming along on the walk with me.
Maybe we'll even do it for real one day.....


Steve and Sarah said...

Oh, how I miss my home city!!! What a lovely post :)

jacksta said...

great pix.

Wow that cat is really WHITE!

Daffodils...you know what that means.....SPRING!!!

Catching the Magic said...

Inspired post! Such lyrical words to accompany your photography. I love seeing through your eyes. You have a beautiful vision. The bench in the garden, with the petals strewn upon it is stunning. A lovely angle. I so enjoyed this. Spring is coming indeed!

Happy Little Kiwi said...

Such beautiful photos Meghan! I am moving back to NZ in 2 weeks time, very nervous after 6 years overseas! But your photos reminded me just how lucky I am to be a Kiwi, NZ is a gorgeous place xxx


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