05 August 2012

One Sunny Family Sunday

On a sunny Sunday in winter, the outdoors called. Sweetly and loud enough for us all to hear.

This was the running bike's first outing with a new master. And his little legs did not stop.

And no better place to show off newly mastered skills than on Wellington's beautiful waterfront. With his Nana and Poppa along for the ride.

It was an unbelievably mild, sunny August day - nowhere near the winter's day it was technically meant to be.

Sitting patiently waiting for Poppa and Noah to arrive, and showing off his yellow nail polish - he's in the Yellow (Kowhai) Olympic team at daycare.

And they're off. Competing with crocodile bikes, runners, scooters, and every man and his dog who had the same idea as us today it seemed.

Rarely is the harbour this calm.

More akin to a lake or a pond than a harbour today.

The water itself unbelievably clear.

Wondering if we might even spot some fish.

And on the homeward leg, just as legs were fading, Poppa shouted icecreams.

Which we enjoyed with the beautiful city spread out before us.

Before little legs got back on their bikes, as determined as ever.

Wellington, I thank you for today. Another one totally out of the box. I hope I remember this day next time I find myself moaning about how terrible the weather can be here. Today you were very easy to love.


Jaz from Treacy Family said...

Can't beat Wellie on a good day!! What a beautiful day and beautiful photos!! xxxxx

Jason and Jacinda Papps said...

Ohhh Wellington, my heart aches for you sometimes!

Lovely shots Meg!

Catching the Magic said...

Lovely pics - especially fond of those last two! Mylo has such great expressions!

Glad you had a fab day - I recall that particular day - it was AMAZING indeed! x


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