24 August 2012

Things I'm Loving 24.8.12

I wholeheartedly believe that no matter what is happening in your life, there is always something you can be thankful for..no matter how simple it is.

When the light comes
Have you noticed how it's getting lighter every morning? I'm enjoying it not being pitch black any more on my short walk from the car to work each morning. And I love the way the sunrise is reflecting on the harbour in this shot.

Is it a clown, is it pirate, is it a biker?
Loving (and laughing at) nearly 3-year old sense of fashion. It started out as a pirate, then the gloves and glasses were added, plus a jersey for warmth over the top of the pirate outfit. At least it's semi colour-coordinated!

Superhero window cleaners
Loving this pic I saw on Facebook - these are window cleaners at a children's hospital in the UK dressed up as Spiderman as a treat for the kids...how cool!

Color run
How cool is this idea? This is the Minneapolis Colour Run - nicknamed the Happiest 5km on the planet - this is the finish line!

The colour party at the end is totally awesome...you can check out more of the fun here at Housing a Forest.

Happy Haircuts
Loving boys who really look forward to having their hair cut. Is it because of the DVD playing or the free biscuit afterwards? Who knows. I just love the fact they sit there quietly and still throughout the experience.  Worth every penny if you ask me! Despite the fact Mylo is looking less than impressed in this particular pic, as he had bits of cut hair tickling his face!

Queen Morph (Diamond Jubilee)
Loved watching this cool morph sequence of the Queen from her childhood right through to the present day.

Happy Birthday Dad
It's Poppa's (my dad's) 60th birthday this weekend. Mum, Dad, Alesha and us four are converging on Ohakune (basically halfway between them and us) for a weekend of fun, family times. Can't wait!


And whoop whoop! here's the latest forecast, hoping we can get close enough to this snow to throw a few snowballs too.

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Miriam said...

Love those window cleaners that is so awesome - I love that. Always a great list have an awesome weekend!

Jaz from Treacy Family said...

What a happy post! Loving everything on your post today. Have a wonderful weekend M xxx & hugs.

Simoney said...

What a fab list!
LOVE those superhero window cleaners - that is so FAB!
and the colour run?? Amazing!
Have a great weekend Meghan!

Bron said...

So much to be happy about...loved reading yours...Have a fabulous weekend.

remaliah said...

I love Mylo's expressions! Some of your recent photos have had some classics...so cute! Have a great weekend celebrating your dad together! x

Lien - all new adventures said...

This certainly is a very happy post. Great list. I haven't joined in a while as I've been predisposed.

Sounds like you are in for a wonderful weekend!

Catching the Magic said...

Hope your weekend was amazing - I'm sure it was with such weather and such a happy celebration :)

Love those supermen hero window cleaners and that colour run!

You always find some real gems to share. Well done for putting this together every week. It's lovely to read and though my contribution is late - it was worth doing - sometimes I forget all the amazing things to be grateful for in a week. There is so much to be truly thankful for.

Hugs, Sarah xx


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