27 August 2012

MNM's Bake: Japanese Katsu Curry

It's always fun to try and recreate your favourite eat-out dishes.

Mark's dish of choice whenever we go to Wagamama is Japanese Katsu Curry. So he was pretty pleased when we discovered this Golden Curry sauce mix that you should be able to find at any Asian food store or even in the Asian section if you have a good local supermarket (like our New World).

The sauce mix comes with five cubes. For the four of us we can get away with one cube per meal, but if you like a stronger or thicker curry (by the way, it's not a spicy curry at all) then you might want to use two.

Stir fry some veges, and add the curry sauce mix. For one cube, mix in a cup or more of water depending on how thick you want it - we tend to go for the more liquid end of the spectrum.

Take some beef schnitzel meat. Dust with flour, dip in egg and dunk in breadcrumbs.

In a hot pan, fry on each side until cooked and golden on the outside.

Goes lovely with rice. Especially if you can go all fancy-schmancy and find a nice bowl to create a rice mountain a-la restaurant style!

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