03 September 2012

The ninja in me..{Cookie Drop Mission Completed}

This was no ordinary weekend. This was a weekend where women from all over the country came together and baked...for the love of it....and for the love of others.

And I was so very blessed to be a part of it. It wasn't just about the baking and the dropping off, the thing I loved the most was seeing all the wonderful posts that came up on The Sisterhood's Facebook page sharing pictures of the beautiful baking, and the wonderful messages from the very surprised and unexpecting recipients!

I received the details of the person I was to bake for late on Friday night - I got someone who was GLUTEN FREE - how cool is that given I'm just starting out on this journey.

So being Miss Organised, I thought I'd be straight into it on Saturday morning.  So I was a bit gutted when I had a false start after I realised there were no eggs in the house *doh...slaps head*. Mark was doing the shopping Saturday morning but as I was going to be out for the whole afternoon on Saturday, I had to postpone my baking till Sunday morning.

Cue Sunday. Mark was out doing his almost weekly mountain bike ride early, the boys were tucked up watching telly (we won't dwell on the fact that they watched over 2 hours that morning whilst I baked....ahem), and I didn't check the sugar, so I only just scraped by with enough for my gluten-free batch of double dark chocolate cookies with sea salt. Having made these cookies a few times, I felt pretty confident I could whip out a good-looking batch. However, I overdid it on the butter and they all spread out kinda further than they should have....so it was a good thing I had a nice jar to present the cookies in! Then I decided (probably foolish!) that I had enough time to bake a batch of gluten-free scones using our favourite cheese scone recipe so I gave that a go too. Thankfully, I finished just in time but we were a few minutes late to church as a result!

Come Sunday lunchtime, and after church we headed to Noah's swimming lessons which weren't far from my drop-off suburb so whilst the boys hung out at the pool, I went on my secret ninja mission.

I was nearly foiled when I couldn't figure out how to even get in the gate, as it had a hidden latch at the top, but I figured it out eventually and managed to drop off the goodies and get out again without being seen!

The official wrap-up of how amazing The Sisterhood cookie drop was is here:

Sophie Slim: The Sisterhood: Mission Complete.

If you don't pop over to read it, please stop for a minute and take in these amazing facts:

77 bakers blessed 170 people over the weekend! Isn't that AWESOME!

 You can also read about some of my other friend's ninja cookie drop experiences here:

Miriam from Make It Give It: Stealth is not my strength
Ange from Tall, Short and Tiny: Stealth Mission: Ninja Cookie Drop

I can't wait for the opportunity to be involved again!


Miriam said...

ha ha I am so often foiled by gates - makes me feel like I am 8 again! Go you on your double batch mission xx

Sophie Slim said...

Good job! And yay for gluten free! perfect! x

Bron said...

I just love that you girls have so much fun with this.....the lengths you went to to deliver your goods is so lovely.


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