07 September 2012

Things I'm Loving 7.9.12

I wholeheartedly believe that no matter what is happening in your life, there is always something you can be thankful for..no matter how simple it is.

Daddy's Day
Loving our mid-afternoon walk at Otari Wilton bush. It was good to clear out some cobwebs and get some fresh air. We'd been joking earlier about whether there might be any dinosaurs lurking in the forest. I surreptitiously took along 3 little plastic animals and hid them strategically on the walk for the boys to find. Noah was a little skeptical and tried to tell us we'd planted them earlier although we eventually convinced him that wasn't very possible, whilst Mylo eagerly went along for the ride.

Loving so much this gorgeous shot of my beautiful boys at the end of the walk....

My city

Loving that my city poses so beautifully for me.

More Crazy Colour fun
The party plans are progressing. This little project was somehow squeezed in between all the baking for the Ninja Cookie Drop and violent coughing fits I had over the weekend that even saw me throw up into my mouth....ick! (gotta love that...not). Can you guess what it is?! A Twister-style punch box that the kids will be able to punch through (gently) to receive a treat - either a packet of colourful stickers or some MNM's.

Springing into Spring
So if you're reading this post on the blog, you might have noticed I FINALLY got around to changing the pictures on the blog slideshow header...somewhat overdue methinks since autumn was quite some months ago now! So having skipped winter altogether I decided to go straight into celebrating all there is to love about Spring and glorious weather. If you aren't already on the blog, head on over for a wee peek here.

The Sisterhood - your turn to help!
Last weekend many lives were blessed with an unexpected gift of baking because of the generosity of women in The Sisterhood. And over 20 women have previously been blessed with LOVE BOMBS - unexpected baskets of gifts to show them they are loved and thought of in spite of challenging personal circumstances or to recognise their amazing efforts that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Vote for The Sisterhood to win $10 000!!

But this is only the beginning, and there is so much more that can be done and will be done, with your help.

Sophie Laughton-Mutu (the creator of The Sisterhood) is in the running for a $10,000 Peoples Choice AMP Scholarship, but The Sisterhood needs your vote (it'll only take a minute) to ensure that we can continue to keep on encouraging and blessing people up and down the length of this beautiful country of ours.

Here's how you can join in:

Link up below with your blog post telling us what you're loving, and grab the Things I'm Loving button below for your post too. Don't forget to share the love by visiting all the other lovelies who have joined in - the linky is open till same time next week!


Miriam said...

Your punch box looks AWESOME! Love the welly photos too and boys - ah boys they are so wonderful aren't they!

Leonie said...

Great photo's - looks like a fun day! and I am looking forward to that birthday! Such great ideas! x

Simoney said...

Oh I've seen that cool-as punch box on Pinterest! yay for you giving it a go - it looks FAB!

Bron said...

I have loved being absorbed by The Sisterhood story...very inspired to think about my influence and ability to make a difference. xx

Catching the Magic said...

Lovely photos from Otari - I must get out there (don't do it enough and always love it when we do!).

The party preparations are looking fabulous! What fun you'll all have.

Well done with the Sisterhood contribution and I've made my vote. Such a wonderful idea that really makes such a difference.

Have a good weekend (just hoping this wind abates a little!) xx

Unknown said...

The sisterhood project sounds amazing!

Love your new slide show too.

Stacia said...

I love the punch box too, I think your little boy and my daughter must be very close in age, she turns three in two weeks time and I am knee deep in party preparation as well.

Ange - Tall, Short and Tiny said...

The punch box looks like lots of fun...especially for boys! Love the photos of your boys on your walk xxx

Nikki said...

Loving the new header! Loving the fathers day walk! Loving the punch box! x


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