20 September 2012

This is your life kiddo: {Emjay turns 3}

I'd like someone to please tell me where the last year has gone!

It feels like no time at all has passed since our little buddy turned 2. I have fond interesting memories of Mark and I attempting to build a trampoline the afternoon before his little Moon themed birthday party, and how tricky that turned out to be.

Fast forward a year on, and we have grown more in love with this mischievous and independent wee sausage whose many facial expressions and hilarious Mylo-isms never fail to entertain us.

True to past form, I've put together a wee slideshow of our favourite Mylo moments of the past year.

This is YOUR life kiddo..the adventures of Mylo age 2-3 from mnms on Vimeo.

And if you don't make it through the video, here are some favourite shots from the past year.

Happy Birthday Mister Mylo

You are a ray of sunshine, a pickle-licious morsel, a joker, a mood changer. You prefer fruit over chocolate which never ceases to amaze us, and kick a ball like a kid way older than three. You are quite happy to play independently for long stretches of time, and are comfortable in your own company, but you are equally happy having a blast hanging out with your wonderful big brother. You still absolutely love cuddles, and give the loveliest, sloppy kisses.

You Mylo, are a precious gift from God. 


jacksta said...

Miriam said...

He is ADORABLE! xx

Nikki said...

I love these birthday posts with the videos. You have such a beautiful family Meg! Hope Mylo had a great birthday and the party is choice! xx


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