08 October 2012

Miss Saigon meets The Best Little Zoo in the World

On my solo parenting weekend last weekend, I had a few things up my sleeve to keep us entertained. I was also fortunate enough to have our good friend Jackie stay on Saturday night to keep me somewhat sane with some adult company, and then on Sunday morning we met up with Heidi and took the boys to check out the new Asia precinct at the Wellington Zoo.

Before we even made it to the Asia precinct, we were wowed by the new recycling area, showing off just how far the zoo has come in the past 5 or 6 years on their eco-friendly journey.

We enjoyed drumming up a great beat on all the different rubbish tins.

And enjoyed using the pulleys to make this big rubbish monster come alive.

The entrance to the new Asia precinct is so inviting, and beautifully crafted.

I also love how informative and eco-friendly the new displays are.

Love this pic of my big guy, missing teeth n all.

There are so many new things for the kids to get involved in and play on. The little guy was quick to find  a pozzie where he seemed right at home.

We ended our tour with a good old fashioned rough n tumble all over the spider and lizard.

So impressed as ever at how our Best Little Zoo in the World is always moving forwards, improving, re-inventing. Makes me proud to be a Welly dweller today.


Nikki said...

As of right now, I am making a list of things to do when I come home. 1st is going to the zoo with yoy guys! You have so much fun! X

Jaz from Treacy Family said...

What a fab weekend activity. Loving the waste area, so much fun!!!
I LOVE toothy, gappy, photos. Love my kids gappy, mouthed smile photos too. What a gorgeous boy. A sign he is growing up!! Have a lovely week Meg xxx


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