11 October 2012

Trouble comes in threes

So here we are at Gee Gees. Just me and the boys, Mark is driving up tomorrow night. It's been an eventful 24 hours to say the least.

We flew up yesterday lunchtime and when the boiled lollies we're brought round I said the boys could have one. If I'd known the attendant was going to bring round some Chupa Chups a couple of minutes later I'd have said no. Anyway I did say to Mylo that he needed to suck on it carefully but no sooner had I said it than he started crying and I figured he was choking on it. I was sitting across the aisle from the boys in the plane so I had to grab him out of his seat and give him a cuddle and make sure he was still breathing! Luckily it went all the way down but I guess it must have hurt being nearly whole when he swallowed it. Bad mummy moment indeed! So that was round 1. It gets better.

After we got to Gee Gees and settled in we went down to the local supermarket to help her get some groceries. She had a slight stroke a couple of weeks ago and isn't able to drive at the moment so we were glad to be able to help out. Besides I wanted to get some fruit and snacks for the kids anyway. I'd noticed in the past week or two that Mylo had become more inclined to wander off ahead and run up and down the aisles. But on this day he ran on ahead round to the next aisle and hid behind a stand popping out when we walked around the corner. It was kinda funny since we've been playing a lot of hide n seek at home lately and I guess he was just taking the game to another level by playing in the store too. But then a couple of minutes later he ran on ahead again and I was distracted helping Gee Gee choose the right cat food. The next thing I knew he was nowhere to be seen.

Noah and I looked down each aisle but there was no sign of him. Then the lady from the supermarket went to look outside for him although I was sure he wouldn't have left. Anyway as the minutes ticked by I started to get more worried. Where could he have gone? We retraced our steps all through the supermarket. When we got to the last aisle where the wine and bread was I actually started calling out for him. And it was then I saw him hiding behind another display stand. Gah! Way to give me heart failure. We had a serious chat about wandering off and how I didn't want to lose him and how he must stay with me. Round 2.

I thought that was probably enough drama for one day, wouldn't you have?!

We spent a lovely afternoon in the garden playing tag, football and running races. It was so warm I had to ditch my jeans and put on a skirt whilst Noah ended up running around in his t-shirt and undies. So much fun.

The boys went off to bed like any other night although I did have a couple of visits from Mylo wanting another wee and needing help to find Bunny who had travelled down into the bed.

All was well and quiet until 2.30am when I heard some whimpering in the hallway. Mylo was again wanting help to find Bunny but I suggested another wee first given we are only a week into nappy-free nights. That was fine and I put him back to bed once we'd picked Bunny up off the floor. Quietly, since Noah was asleep in the other bed. I went back to bed and had nearly fallen asleep when I heard an almighty cry from the room. I went in and he told me he had hit his head on the drawers beside the bed.

To be honest I didn't think much of it but because he was disturbing Noah I took him into the hallway for a cuddle. I felt his head and there was a big bump and my hand came away wet. I realised he was bleeding and turned the light on to see a decent 1cm deep gash in his forehead. Gaah!!!

What to do? I put him in my room in my bed but he was still pretty upset. I didn't know whether to take him out in the middle of the night but did think it was worth someone taking a look at it.

So I rounded up some snacks, water and jackets and got the boys, still in their pyjamas off to A&E. Luckily we were seen pretty quickly and the doctor said it was fine for the nurse just to glue it and send us on our way again.

The boys got an ice block for being so good, they'd already eaten their Chupa Chups saved from the plane plus some crackers I'd grabbed on the way out the door.

We made it home at 5am and I put Nick Jr on the tv quietly, bundled the kids onto the couch in blankets and dragged a mattress into the lounge for me to snooze on. To give them credit they were quiet till 7am though neither went to sleep and I dozed off and on.

Fast forward a few hours and we're still in pjs, I feel as if I could do with some matchsticks right about now, Noah's quietly playing Subway Surf on the iPaf and Mylo went back down to sleep about an hour ago. And so ends our first 24 hours away.

May the next 4 days be a little more relaxing!


Unknown said...

Yikes, what a start!

I suppose things can only get better from now!

Miriam said...

gah what a suck day. Hope the rest of the holiday actually feels like a holiday

Sammy said...

Wowser! Hope the rest of your holiday away is going a LOT smoother xx


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