14 November 2012

Go Bananas {Games for kids this Christmas}

I'm taking a wee leaf out of Miriam's blog with some of the great game reviews she's shared with us recently, I thought I might add a few of our favourites into the mix, thinking it could spark some Christmas gift ideas for a few of you out there.

This is a great game for kids who can recognise numbers and colours, it's a little bit of a mash-up of Snap and Uno all rolled into one.

The game is for 2-5 players and does say age 6+ but I've been playing it with Mylo (age 3) and he already gets it!

Go Bananas
The game is made up of 3 potential combinations of  'Snap' to win cards off the other players.

Go Bananas
When you spot a red monkey card and a blue monkey card showing the same number of monkeys on top of two different piles, say "Go Bananas!" and slap the piles. The winner collects both piles of cards and puts them at the bottom of their own pile.

Gotcha Gator
If a Gotcha Gator card appears at the same time as either a red or blue monkey of the same number, slap both piles and yell "Gotcha Gator" and collect both piles of cards and add to your pile. The Wild Gotcha Gator card takes any monkey card, regardless of colour.

This is when you match a rotten banana with a fresh banana. Slap the piles and yell "Splat!". These two piles of cards are put aside (out of play) and collect one card from every player's pile.

If you become overexcited and slap a pile by mistake or forget to say the right words when you slap, you lose a card., placing it face up under one of the playing piles of face-up cards in the middle area.

Winning the game
If you lose all your cards, you're out of the game. Whoever ends up with all the cards wins.

Go Bananas and have a great time!


Miriam said...

sounds awesome Meghan and I'd never heard of it - I think my boys would love it. Thanks

Leonie said...

Sounds like a goodie!


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