27 November 2012

Polar Bear Bingo {Games for kids this Christmas}

Polar Bear Bingo is a great game for kids who can recognise and sound out letters to make word combinations, so is perfect for kids in years 1-2 at school, and can be played by 2-4 players.

The game is simple but straight forward. Each player has a 2-sided bingo board and you choose before starting the game whether to all play on side 1 or side 2 (harder).

Then choose which side of the spinner you want to play Level 1 or 2 (harder).

Quite often when we play, we play one 'easy' game and then a 'harder' game. With both the spinner and the boards having two sides it means you can mix it up really well for 4 different combinations of games.

Spin the spinner and whichever letter (or combination) comes up, you match with a word 'ending' on your board. In this example, the spinner is on 'sh' so on my board, I could put a token on 'show' 'shin' or 'shop'.

On the next turn, the spinner landed on 'sl' so I could now choose to put my token on 'slat' 'slop' 'slay' or 'slog'.

The goal is to get 3 tokens in a row (horizontally, vertically or diagonally) to win the game!

We got this through a Scholastic Book Club Order at school just before Christmas last year and it was a great stocking filler!


Leonie said...

This looks so cute! May have to add it to the list!

Catching the Magic said...

That's fabulous! Love the Scholastic book orders!


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