20 November 2012

Yahtzee Junior {Games for kids this Christmas}

One game that is a sure winner at our place is Yahtzee Junior (Toy Story 3 edition). We were given this for Noah's 4th birthday and it's been regularly played ever since.

It's a great way to teach kids both to count and match sets, so there's core math concepts involved which is always useful.

Here's the lowdown:

The game is for 2-4 players and for over 4 years, although Mylo is more than capable of playing it now at age 3.

How to play:
Each player takes a turn to shake and roll the 5 dice.

Whichever toy you roll the most of you would keep to one side and then have 2 further turns to try and roll more of the same toy.

Note: Woody on  is like a wild card so he counts towards whatever toy are you trying to get. In the example above, this would give you 4 Hammies.

Note: If you roll Lotso Bear (the baddie) you have to put him aside and can't re-roll this particular dice on this turn.

Once you've had your 3 rolls, you count up your score and place your token on the board.

Play continues till each player has played their five turns and scored against each individual toy. If you get a score the same as another player against one toy (say if you got 4 Hammies and there was already a token there), you have to go to the next highest score, i.e. on number 3 Hammy.

At the end of the five turns, you then tally up the tokens on the board and the highest score wins.

A quick and easy game that can be played in about 10-20 minutes depending on how many players you have, so it's great for those little people who have limited concentration spans at preschool age!


Miriam said...

sounds like another great game that we haven't heard of!

Cat said...

Love the tidbits of knowledge out there and recommendations
Always on the look out for a great new game for the kids
And btw loving your new header


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