10 January 2013

On being spotty

Here are 10 things I have learnt over the past week or so living with Mr McSpotty.

Look mum I'm getting spots

1. Chickenpox will not strike the same way with different children. We were lulled into a false sense of complacency as Noah had a very mild case back when he was not quite two. More fool us!

2. Pinetarsol baths stink to high heaven (although they are very effective!) and one will get very sick of the smell after running 5 baths in one day

Still feeling pretty perky despite the spots on Day 1

3. Paying for the chickenpox vaccination would have been a pretty good option (in hindsight!)

4. A mini portable DVD player will come in very handy for settling a restless boy late at night until he can fall asleep

Feeling pretty misera-bubble on Day 2

5. Come to think of it DVDs come in handy full-stop during times like these. What on arth did people used to do in 'the good old days' before TV?!

Right leg from the front - Day 2

6. Seeing your youngest writhing around naked in bed crying in discomfort all through the night is heartbreaking

The worst it got - back of his right leg on Day 2

7. Having a spare room with a big bed is good for cuddling them through those nights

8. Nurofen for kids is a godsend

9. Spots in the mouth are no fun for anyone

10. Waiting for the last little blisters (which by the way take AGES) to clear is a bit like watching paint drying in the winter

Being sick does have its upsides. 
A day of games and playdough with Mum, a trip to the zoo and a Cadbury Creme Egg with Dad.

Anyhow, we survived to tell the tale which is the main thing. And Mr McSpotty bounced back to his usual charming self pretty quickly despite the fact his is still ever so spotty.

Thank you all for the great advice, and especially to those who loaned/gave us various creams/potions etc. It has really helped ease the pain of the experience!!


jacksta said...

great to see a big improvement. Poor little guy!

Miriam said...

oh man my youngest got it worst and it was awful. We made an end-of-chicken-pox cake as a celebration with lots of spots and lollies on it! xxxx

Unknown said...

oh dear! we had it last year (2011)in december - which was unfortunate as the cousins were over from australia (one who had had it and one who had had jabs for it and one who was just one) and then at the end of the holiday (we did try to stay away as much as possible but also knew it was precious family time as my hubby's dad was sick) 2 days after they went home my FIL died so they all came back for the funeral - and my son had it then SO BAD - he was still getting new spots at 15 days! and then all the cousins got it the day before they were to fly back to oz... eeek... memroies eh! the pox is not fun!

blessings, claire

Cat said...

I've watched your journey via instagram and my heart has broken for you - we had seven weeks of it - 2 lots of chicken pox and 1 lot of measles - go nurofen - go pinetarsil - go phenagan - go Mums sanity!
We had a day out on the train to celebrate being out of hibernation
Hugs for your lil man

Leonie said...

aw :( Your poor boy
My eldest had a really severe dose too and then they got infected (because she reacts to all skin irritation)... our younger two still haven't had them because everyone over here is immunised against chicken pox(not mine!)Not sure if Im happy or worried about that!

Sammy said...

So glad he's on the mend megs xxx

Unknown said...

Poor wee man. We don't have the option of the vaccination over here. My oldest three have had it but not our youngest. I can sympathise with the night time misery because we still face that every night with our youngest''s eczema!

Glad he's on the mend and that your sanity has remained intact!

Kristin said...

Oh my!! Poor thing! My son was vaccinated but still got it... It was extremely mild and the spots did not itch so that was a blessing.


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