28 January 2013

There and back again...A Northland Tale {Part 2}

Awake and raring for adventure, the travellers agree a trip to the first capital of New Zealand is to be the order of the day, and the car ferry transports them gently and comfortably across the short stretch of water, and before long they are exploring the sights and sounds of Russell.

The sea somehow seems greener than they've ever seen before.

The early history of the country is evident, in every tree and every dwelling here.

The travellers explore and explore some more. Till their hunger drives them to a local, aptly named, Sally's Restaurant.

The most impressive sight on this day though, is a visit to the oldest church in New Zealand, Christ Church. The travellers can feel the stories of so many early people whispering in the air around them.

Including the story of the first white woman to be born in New Zealand in 1816.

The church has been lovingly kept through the years.

Including the beautiful tapestries adorning the pews.

It feels as if the birth of this fair country has flowed from this very place.

The warmth of the day is beginning to bear down on them now, driving them to abandon further exploring and instead take to the beach back on the other side of the harbour in Paihia.

And this warmest of days ends amongst shrieks of abandonment and enjoyment, with much splashing and giggling from the youngest travellers in the party.

Another day of adventures done, but still more to come.


Widge said...

Wow your holiday looks amazing (and I know you haven't even got to my favourite part yet!)
That church and headstone is really interesting, the first white woman born in NZ is not even something I've considered before as being a historical moment. Intrigued to read up more now

PaisleyJade said...

Love Russell and the other historical places up north -we must take the kids again sometime soon!

jacksta said...

its so weird seeing your pix of all the places I know too well.

Neetz said...

Lovely pictures... but like Jacks said... it's funny seeing them on your blog when they're in our backyard.!! hehe :) Our band's played 3 weddings there in the last month and a half!! :) haha
Glad you enjoyed it!!


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