04 January 2013

Things I'm Loving 4.1.13

I wholeheartedly believe that no matter what is happening in your life, there is always something you can be thankful for..no matter how simple it is.

Welcome, welcome one and all to the very first Things I'm Loving for 2013. I hope you are all feeling refreshed and ready for another year...bring it on!

Home to pohutukawa
Loving arriving home to our pohutukawa in full bloom, and in fact the whole city in bloom. So quintessential Kiwi!

One for the photographer
Loving this cool T-shirt I found for sale on 1-Day just before Christmas. I thought it was me to a tee!

143 reasons to love you
Loving this thoughtful gift from my hubby for Christmas. One of our unique-to-us phrases is '1-4-3' which stands for I-LOVE-YOU (I being 1 letter, LOVE being 4 letters and YOU being 3 letters). In the jar were some Hershey's kisses mixed in with lots of little scraps of paper letting me know all the reasons why he loves me. Quite possibly the sweetest Christmas present ever!

An old friend (Juliana)
Loving saying hello to an old friend of mine when I was at Nana & Poppa's. Back when Cabbage Patch Kids were a huge craze, my mum made me my very own who I named Juliana. She also made her heaps of different outfits, and I remember many a day playing happily with this lovely gal. What a clever mama I have!

Sunny days
Loving a sunny New Years Eve, sunny enough for a scooter and bike ride and gelato on the beach. Loved taking this couple of hours out of a day of chores to just enjoy the sunny day.

There were two in the bed
Loving little pickles who got to share a bed together when we stayed at my aunty and uncle's place last weekend. Not loving so much the 3am and 5am wake-ups as a result, but I gotta admit it does make a good picture.

Virginia Lake
Loving our awesome pitstop in Wanganui on our road trips to and from the Naki. It is so easy to wile away an hour here without even blinking an eye.

And loving that despite the torrential rain before and after Wanganui, we had a beautifully sunny stop in between.

Heavenly hand wash
Loving this smell and feel of these gorgeous foaming hand washes from Palmolive that my aunty had at her house. I'm gonna have to get me some!

What are you loving so far this year?! I can't wait to see!

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Leonie said...

Oh I LOVE that jar Meghan! what a beautiful idea. He's a keeper!

and the pohutukawa! that makes me homesick!

Loving all your photos x

Unknown said...

Loving for 2013! YAY

That shirt is very you!!

Ps - Is there meant to be a linky on the post?? I can't see one if there is :)

Happy Weekend!!

Miriam said...

I'll come back tomorrow and see if the linky is working. Love the Christmas gift from hubby and the reflection of you in his sunglasses lense taking the picture of him!!

Bron said...

what a sweet sweet hubby you have....
looks like a lovely holiday you've had ...we could do with some of that rain though here in WA. xx

jacksta said...

wow. Husband of the year nomination for the jar!

Stacia said...

Your husband is such a sweetie. Love the pohutakawas too, I am always raving in about them to my children, to the point that my three year old pointed one our to me today! We have some of that hand wash but the green one my husband who never notices things like that has mentioned to me several times how nice it smells. Looks like you had a lovely holiday hope your tummy troubles are improving. Did you get your book depository order, seven if mine arrived AFTER Christmas but they have refunded me, so I have come to terms with it ;)

Stacia said...

Gosh bad phone typos! Sorry.

Nikki said...

Mark is such a sweetie - I need one of them in my life! Love seeing the lovely Pohutukawa tree!! I basically just love all your loving! x

Catching the Magic said...

That jar is just SO gorgeous!


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