16 January 2013

Another Year, Another Procedure

Keeping it real here folks with another health update, so if you're not into hearing in great detail about all this digestive-type stuff, feel free to skip this one.

So after reflux and constipation for a few months and random side pain, I'd been going OK with the gluten-free eating but had also eased back and had the odd bit of non GF food here and there without too many issues. All of a sudden when we arrived at M&D's for Christmas, I got chronic diarrhea which lasted for 10 days right through the holidays until we managed to get home to my doctor.

He prescribed an antibiotic meant to kill giardia or another anaerobic bug which he thought could have been at fault, and the antibiotic did at least make a big difference to how often I was on the loo. At the time I also did a blood test and stool sample and the doctor was really concerned at the levels of c-reactive protein that came back in the blood test. The normal range is 7-8, and my test back in May when I had the first lot of reflux was 11, then in July when I had the bad stabbing side pain it was 30-something and this time it was in the 50's. This protein is an indicator of inflammation of infection in the body but doesn't tell you much other than that.

The other sample came back negative for giardia but the doctor had already suggested it would be worth going back to see the specialist due to the ongoing randomness of all the different and changing symptoms these past 9 months.

So the upshot is: I have a colonoscopy (even the word makes me cringe a little) booked for lunchtime today.

I can tell you now that the 5-day diet preparation has not been particularly fun. On Friday I had to stop eating all nuts, seeds, grains, and basically all fruit and veg which makes up about 80-90% of my diet usually! So my diet has consisted of white rice, pasta, fish, crackers and biscuits, bread which is pretty much the total OPPOSITE of what I would normally eat :-(

They basically want your bowel to be as totally clear as possible with no residue, hence not allowing you to eat anything with a high fibre content that may not be easy to flush out. Then you have to fast the last 24 hours, and last night at 5pm I had to drink this lovely (read: disgusting) solution which basically empties you out completely over a period of  a few hours. And if I thought the diarrhea over Christmas was bad....well! This was a whole other level of 'emptying'. Think 'going for a wee' but from a different place. Anyhow..cough cough...I'm sure that was way too much information right there.

My view for an hour and a half straight last night. Thankfully with some blog reading to catch up on and a few Words with Friends games to play it wasn't as bad as it could have been, just got a bit numb sitting in one spot for such a long time!

So, could ya spare me a thought at lunchtime today. More than anything, I'd just like some answers so I can move on with a diagnosis and resolution instead of always wondering whether what I'm eating is creating havoc or it's something more complex going on inside.

Anyway, if you made it this far, thanks for listening and I'll keep you posted!

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