13 February 2013

MNM's Read: There Are Cats In This Book

I love me an interactive book. And this one really delivers, you simply can't avoid getting engaged with this book when you're reading it and it was most definitely last week's most requested read at our house. We tend to go in fits and starts around here - rediscovering old favourites on the shelf and reading them over and over for a few days before moving onto another.

Here's what's so fun about this book:

There are 3 cats who live inside the book.

They are very friendly.

They love wool.

Especially throwing it at each other.

And having pillow fights.


Oh and they might need a bit of help to dry off too.

 They like to be tucked up in bed at the end of the day.

And they'll definitely want to play with you again.

A lovely book that a school aged child will easily be able to read to a younger sibling too.

I was not paid or given this book to review. I just love sharing our favourite stories from the bookshelf so you might get inspiration for new books for your own collection or to give away as gifts.

There Are Cats in This Book retails on Book Depository for $12.94 (and free delivery). 


Leonie said...

This book sounds right up our alley! Cute!

Simoney said...

Oh would love you to link this up to Mrs Readalot's BookClub!

Jollym said...

What a cool book, I will keep an eye out for out :)

Miriam said...

cute - I love finding new books :o)


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