01 February 2013

Things I'm Loving 1.2.13

I wholeheartedly believe that no matter what is happening in your life, there is always something you can be thankful for..no matter how simple it is.

Bloggy meet ups
I SO enjoyed last Friday night, catching up with Jackie (Jacksta B) and Kristy (Paisley Jade), as well as meeting a whole bunch more lovely, crazy, fun, loud gals who joined us at the Waipu Pizza Barn. Hopefully I will remember all your names and blogs so here goes. Joining us was:

Becky (Miss Becky Boo)
Tracy (Inside The Scrap Heap)
Rachel (Rachel Kate)
Liz (She Exceeds Rubies)
Simone (Sima J)
Juanita (Bassetts Blurbs and Banter)
Rachel (Curious Runner Girl) and her lovely sister

I did manage to catch poor old Liz in a bit of a funny pose, sorry about that love!

Like Jackie said here, it was a great night out, even if we did end up in some deep and meaningfuls about heaven and death and colonoscopies! Juanita telling us the story of when she was a new nurse and how she approached having to shave a Mongrel Mob's privates for a procedure was probably my favourite story of the night. Hilarious!

And that wasn't exciting enough, I am already looking forward to seeing some of these lovely girls again at The Bloggers Conference in Christchurch in April. It's my birthday on the 10th, Jackie's birthday on the 11th and Leonie's birthday on the 13th all within a few days of the conference, so it's gonna be party hardy I reckon!

Oh and I got asked to host one of the workshops on the Saturday, and I said yes (eek, what was I thinking! Too late to back out now though ha ha!). I am already looking forward to seeing some of my other favourite bloggers again that I've met in the past (Miriam, Sammy, Simone and Leonie), as well as FINALLY meeting in real life other lovely gals whose blogs I love like Ange, Widge, Gail, Leonie, Cat, and Sophie just to name a few.

If you're not already booked to come, get in quick, places are filling up FAST! Visit here for all the info.

Around the Table - Bloggers Connecting

Mangrove Seeds
I cannot believe I got to 35 and had never seen these up close before. I even lived in Papakura for 10 years growing where there were plenty of estuaries around, but clearly either hadn't paid much attention if I ever did see one.

We saw so many of them up in Northland, and I love the way they open up like the pages of a book!

Mr Whippy tune
While we were over admiring the Falls one day while on holiday last week, I heard a long forgotten but well-loved tune jingling and beginning to get closer and closer. And then, the real McCoy. Ah I have such memories of growing up and running out to the sidewalk to see the truck go by. I'm not sure we ever bought many icecreams back in the day, but it really was such a Kiwi institution. I can't say I had realised the trucks were even still around!

This week of settled weather has coincided with a lovely full moon - which I swear always happens, I'm sure it's a proven phenomenon that the best weather is always around the full moon. One night I caught a glimpse of it appearing on the horizon (the beauty of having a house with a view of the hills) and couldn't resist snapping a few shots. Amazing how fast it actually rises when you're running to get the camera to try and capture it though!

Sunny days
Loving that this was last week's weather forecast for Wellington. I have NEVER seen it quite like this!

Photo: Whoop whoop, all aboard the sunshine train!

And so far so good, every day has been just as forecast...A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!

Library Bar & Cafe
Love finding new places to eat with great atmosphere. I went out with my lifegroup gals to Library Bar the other night for the first time. Loved the cool door as you entered, and boy was the dessert freakin good! I had the chocolate truffle tart with white chocolate pannacotta and raspberry sorbet. Topped with a glass of dessert wine, it was just divine.

I am already planning my next visit!

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