27 February 2013

Wardrobe Wednesday {its a jumpsuit kind of day}

Another cool outfit my UK mum and dad brought over with them was this jumpsuit. To be honest before I put it on, I was not convinced that I would wear it. But there's something pretty cool about it in a 'dare to be different' kind of way. I've now worn it to work, out for dessert with some girl friends and to church.

Although trying to take good photos to show off how the pants actually look proved kinda difficult whilst attempting self-portraits. I had to resort to a few strange poses to try and give you a better idea!

The only word of warning when wearing a jumpsuit is that one cannot leave it till the last minute before needing to visit the loo (as I am prone to do!) as it takes a good minute to unbutton the 10 or so buttons to enable one to make it in time and not wee one's pants!

Oh and you'd like a closer look at that gorgeous necklace I'm wearing? 

Don't mind if I do.

Isn't it the coolest? It's my new favourite necklace, and I haven't stopped wearing it since UK mum and dad gave it to me when they first arrived. Though blown up this large, I've suddenly noticed that it needs a bit of a clean!

I'm keen to know though, would you ever brave wearing a jumpsuit out in public?!

Joining in with all the other lovelies over at the new Wardrobe Wednesday linky over at Kelly's place Kiwi Womens Style.

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