18 February 2013

Weekend fun....{enjoying extended family time}

Our weekend in Instagram style....

A lovely Valentines Day cake baked for us and decorated by Grandma (isn't she clever!) on Thursday.

A great night having a BBQ with Noah's best friend and their family on Friday night, much laughter and story telling and the 5 kids all got on like a house on fire.

Coffee and doughnut muffins (recipe here) to treat ourselves on an otherwise housework/tidy-up kind of morning on Saturday. I made the muffins, hubby made the coffee - and even with a heart in the froth - awwww!

Mini golf at Pirates Cove Saturday afternoon - always so much fun even if we lost one ball in the water and had to apply some good teamwork to rescue another one that was about to go the same way!

A lovely dinner out (and without the kids!) Saturday night with our UK mum and dad to our very authentic Italian - La Bella Italia. So. much. good. food!

We ended the weekend with another BBQ at our friends Shannon & Guy where we took along this amazing vanilla and raspberry cheesecake made by hubby. Wowee! The whole cheesecake disappeared before we went home so that is a sign of how great it was!

We are so enjoying this extra special time with our UK family - and can't believe their trip is more than half over already - but we still have some fun planned with some time at our friend's beach house the next 2 weekends so we shall just continue to make the most of each and every minute we have with them!


Widge said...

yum all that food looks soooooooo good!!!
excuse me while I go raid my boring fridge now ;)

Bron said...

Wow you guys ate up a storm of yummy food this weekend. Happy week ahead to you. xx

Leonie said...

Looks like a fab weekend!


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