15 February 2013

Things I'm Loving 15.2.13

I wholeheartedly believe that no matter what is happening in your life, there is always something you can be thankful for..no matter how simple it is.

Star of the Week
Look who got to be his classes' very first STAR OF THE WEEK! He said he was chosen for 'always having such a lovely smile in the morning'. Go you good thing Noah!

There are tigers in the house
This week I had a request for face painting one afternoon after school. It always fills me with a little trepidation because I am NO artist and I worry that one day my kids are going to look at their faces in their mirror and say 'Mum that looks nothing like a .......' (insert whatever it was that they wanted!). Thankfully, that day was not this day. And Google was my friend once again when it came to finding a design!

Calling all feathered friends
On one of the last days of his holiday programme, Noah made a bird feeder. It took us a while to get to the pet shop to find some bird seed, and we opted for a seed bell (seeds stuck to a post) so there's no chance of loose bird seed flying around the garden in one of our southerly winds. I love seeing it hanging outside brightening up the garden. Now all we need is for the birds to realise it's there!

Sunday in the sun
Chocolate Fish has fast become our new favourite place to take friends and family these past few months. We love the BBQ sammies (my favourite is the pork belly with crusted parmesan and apple sauce sammie, while Mark loves the corn fritter sammie).

And just as good as the food is the atmosphere. There's the funky decor - think retro painted old wooden school chairs in an old navy barracks and you have the idea - on the inside, and the awesome array of bikes outside for kids (and big kids too) to ride, as well the bean bag outdoor seating. On a fine and sunny day it's just magic. It was hard to pull ourselves away last weekend when we went!

Creative creations
I think the more we play the awesome LEGO Creationary game we were given to review last year, the more creative we get. Or should that be the more creative hubby gets. Three out of four of the creations below are hubby's creations, can you guess what they are meant to be?! And which creation was mine?! Noah also made an awesome lamp post and farm too during the game.

Loving the bounty of Black Doris plums our friend Dayne sent us from the Hawkes Bay last week. With some for eating and some for making into a yummy plum compote which I've been having on my breakfast every day this week, I'm surprised I haven't actually turned purple!

Just another day at the park
Loving the spontaneous fun we had at the park on Waitangi Day afternoon, so of course I had to put a little clip together to my new favourite song by Swedish House Mafia. There's jumping off swings - Noah's new trick, then a little after that look out for the boy in the grocery store charging $3 for an icecream and then promptly throwing the money away. I also love how Noah sits just like I used to as a child - with my legs out to the sides of my knees, way too flexible! There's also a nasty knee injury part way through which the little guy manages to bounce back from remarkably well. And then there's some good bat and ball connection with a diving fielder at the end to watch out for too.

I am so blessed to have been given this family to love and cherish. Really I am.

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Unknown said...

You look like you had a great week! Enjoy your weekend :)

Miriam said...

love the bird feeder! and very impressed with your creations - very nice. I think we need to practise some more! :o)

Leonie said...

Awesome all round - lovely family post. Love the star, painting, building, plums, all of it! Have a fab weekend :)

Cat said...

What a lot of loving! Well done to your lil man!
Lego so much fun xxx
Plums YUM

Jollym said...

I love the bird feeder as well :) Also the face painting looks so professional, go you :)

Bron said...

That bird feeder is awesome will have to remember that one for another time...and I think we may have to splash on that lego game for the little guys eighth birthday next month. xx


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