04 March 2013

The original MNM's: truly, madly, deeply

(If you missed the first part of the story, you can find it here The original MNM's: how it all began)

Here she was. Caught between two worlds. One world, which was safe and known to her, but one that hasn't made her feel like her world was on fire for such a long time. The other world, full of risks and unknown, but full of wonder and expectation too.

She sits her boyfriend down and tells him that it's over and that she's leaving. It comes as a shock and she can hardly believe that she has been strong enough to say these words that have come from her mouth. But now that she has, she must stay strong. Especially over the next few days as he begs and begs her not to go, that he'll change, that things will be different.

But her mind is made up. And it is time to move forward. To this other world that awaits.

She goes out for a coffee at One Red Dog with this guy, this one who holds this other world in the palm of his hands. They talk and talk, making their hot chocolates last and last and drinking endless refills of the melon flavoured water that is on offer. He tells her he has nothing to offer, that soon he will be half a world away, but that he too feels the same, and what should they do?

That night there is another work function and they steal their first kiss in the stairwell, unaware that the moment has been captured on the hotel's security camera footage and soon all their work colleagues will be teasing them mercilessly about it. It is his last day of work and then he is leaving for a 2 week holiday around the South Island. The thought slays her.

She travels up to her parents home in Hamilton for a few days. She needs time to clear her head, to figure out where to next? She needs to find a new home, and a new car. But she misses him desperately already.

He calls her from the South Island that Sunday night. They talk some more. And despite having no guarantees, and none of the answers to all the burning questions the future holds, they decide that these bright and burning feeling that have eclipsed them are worth risking it all for.

He returns from the South Island and extends his time in NZ by one week, to give them this extra precious time together. They find themselves spending every waking minute together, even travelling up country so he can meet her parents before he leaves. Their trip happens to fall on the weekend of an eclipse, and as they are travelling home in the dark in the car they also see a shooting star fall from the sky right in front of them. They take each and every one of these as a sign that their love is meant to be.

And then, the moment she has been dreading...his day of departure dawns. She takes him to the airport in her little car, and they hold each other tightly, wanting to savour the sense of touch whilst they still can. And then it comes...the moment they had felt their love could ward off forever....but time wins out in the end. And so he finally lets go and walks the slow walk through the gates, looking back to see her growing ever smaller in the distance with each glance. Until he can see her no more.....

And she....she manages to walk unsteadily back to her car in the airport carpark, fumbling to open the door before collapsing inside, and sobbing desperately with her head against the steering wheel, sobbing as if her heart has broken a hundred, thousand, million times over.

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jacksta said...


Ange - Tall, Short and Tiny said...

Oh! My heart is breaking for that girl and guy right now! I'm holding my breath for the next installment (even though I know there's happiness around the corner!) xx

Miriam said...

Love this story so much xxx

PaisleyJade said...

So sweet!

Catching the Magic said...

Beautifully written xx


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