27 March 2013

Wardrobe Wednesday: When frills are what's called for

There's something so feminine about a frill, don't you think?

And I do love me a good frill.

Like any fashion - it can also be taken right to the extreme though!

This is one of my favourite dresses - which I wear to work, I also put a long top under it and can still wear it in the winter, yet its silky feel means it is very cool to wear in the summer too. I've worn it a few times out to dinner too so it doubles nicely as my L.B.D. Very functional! And paired with a high-waisted, stretchy belt it's a great combo.

I even wore it to a 2nd job interview last Friday - which is when I took these pics

And I have to rave about my shoes. These have been my favourite summer shoes by far - they are so comfy and yet dressy too. I love that I can still get away with wearing them as the days get cooler in autumn too - they're almost like an ankle boot but with the little peep toes showing. I can wear them all day and not get sore feet or a sore back. Which for me = Bliss!

Dress: Glassons $30ish
Belt: stolen off another Tempt top sitting in the wardrobe
3/4 Tights: The Warehouse $15
Shoes: Naughty Monkey brand - bought at Melbourne's equivalent of the No 1. Shoe Warehouse - $30ish

What about you? Are a frills or no-frills kinda gal?!

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Ange - Tall, Short and Tiny said...

Such a pretty dress (to go with a pretty lady!). I love frills, but think I own just one or two pieces. Must remedy that!
Hope the job interview went well xx

Catching the Magic said...

Ooooo, so, so pretty and classy. Love the belt too, on your teeny, tiny waist. After reading your post I'm thinking, 'I need to get me some frills!'.

All the very best with the outcome of the interview xxx

Renee said...

That's a really pretty dress!! I don't own any frills, but you've inspired me to start hunting!! The pearls just make it look even prettier!

Mika said...

I love that this wardrobe didn't cost a pretty penny but came out looking very up-market!

Cat said...

Loving the fact your WW outfit and my today outfit are same same but different
Good luck with the interview


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