11 March 2013

A rush of blood to the head....again

We seem to be having quite the run of head injuries over at our place.

Today's latest escapade.....a run-in with the flying fox at school - I think the story is that one of Noah's mates accidentally let go of the flying fox and Noah was busy showing off his dance moves halfway along the tow line and didn't see it coming, turned around and whack! got it clean between the eyes.

If you're squeamish....scroll down now!

A quick trip to the doctor, a stitch and a nice big bandage and he was on his way.

But it's hardly more than a month since there was a doozy of a shiner that Noah got after whacking his head on the coffee table a month ago - and he's still got the bump on the side of his forehead now to prove it.

Oh and yes, there was that Trouble Comes in Threes post after a 3am trip to New Plymouth A&E in the October school holidays when Mylo fell out of bed at my gran's house and gashed his head open on a set of drawers, and I had to get both the kids into the car in their pyjamas and find my way to the hospital.

Oh it's been quite the day of days here. I'm feeling very fragile emotionally anyway and I'd already had to take a mental health hour to go out and have a chat to Mark about how overwhelmed I feel with everything at work right now. Long story shot, Jackie (my amazing colleague and dear friend) is leaving. Right as we are going into what is always our busiest and most challenging few months at work. It's a fantastic opportunity for her in her career, and as her friend I'm really thrilled for her, but as her manager I'm devastated, she is a huge loss. It's really hitting home this week that in four weeks she'll be gone, and with all I know that's ahead, I'm already worrying.

On top of that, this morning I started getting a nagging side pain, reminiscent of some of my episodes from last year. I can't help but think the stresses of this past week as I've been thrust into emergency recruitment mode have played a part in this. And I do NOT want a repeat performance of last year's health dramas. No way. I've told my boss that I'm NOT working all the extra hours it might take to get the job done because I AM trying to look after my health, but it's always easier to be firm now than when our backs are against the wall with deadlines.  So I returned from a drive around town with Mark trying to make sense of it all and went straight into a meeting at 1pm with red-rimmed eyes - yeah not my best look.

Five minutes into the meeting I saw a call come in on my mobile but I ignored it as I didn't recognise the number (I do know what the school and daycare numbers look like and always make sure I take their calls). Imagine my horror when I got out of my meeting half an hour later and looked at my phone to see that picture of Noah at the top of this post staring back at me. Well let me tell you, I just put my head in my hands and burst into tears right there at my desk and sobbed right in front of everyone. So cue a few minutes back behind the closed doors of a meeting room so I could take a few minutes to compose myself - again - as I was due in to an interview for a replacement for Jackie ten  minutes later.

Thankfully, Daddy had taken the call and was magnificently dealing with the situation at hand but I still felt like such a bad mother for not being there for my beautiful boy in his hour of need.

Lordy, what a day. One I'm glad to see the other side of.

But as I was in between break downs today, I had a verse pop into my head. I just love it how He knows just what we need to hear and when we need to hear it.

From the ends of the earth will I cry unto you, when my heart is overwhelmed lead me to the rock that is higher than I. Psalm 61 v 2

Yes I am overwhelmed right now.

But there is a rock higher than I. His name is Jesus and he hears my every cry.

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