16 March 2013

Essential to life

Water. We need it. We can't do without it.

So it's a more than a little concerning when all the talk has been this week that Wellington has less than 3 weeks of water left and that the entire North Island has now been declared a drought zone.



This has been the most AMAZING summer ever, but it has come at quite a price.

I'm very aware that we can all play our part in not making this crisis worse than it already is. So here's how we are doing our bit to help:

  • Only washing up any dishes when we absolutely need to
  • Going with the 'if it's yellow, let it mellow...if it's brown, flush it down' philosophy
  • Taking a bucket into the shower to catch run-off water to water the garden with (there's now a complete outdoor water ban)
  • Turning the shower off whilst shampooing, conditioning and washing bodies in the shower
  • No baths at all, short showers only
  • Only running the dishwasher when it's chocka-block full
  • No running the tap when brushing teeth
Are you being careful with water where you are? It sure becomes such a precious commodity when you know it's in short supply!

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