16 March 2013

Essential to life

Water. We need it. We can't do without it.

So it's a more than a little concerning when all the talk has been this week that Wellington has less than 3 weeks of water left and that the entire North Island has now been declared a drought zone.



This has been the most AMAZING summer ever, but it has come at quite a price.

I'm very aware that we can all play our part in not making this crisis worse than it already is. So here's how we are doing our bit to help:

  • Only washing up any dishes when we absolutely need to
  • Going with the 'if it's yellow, let it mellow...if it's brown, flush it down' philosophy
  • Taking a bucket into the shower to catch run-off water to water the garden with (there's now a complete outdoor water ban)
  • Turning the shower off whilst shampooing, conditioning and washing bodies in the shower
  • No baths at all, short showers only
  • Only running the dishwasher when it's chocka-block full
  • No running the tap when brushing teeth
Are you being careful with water where you are? It sure becomes such a precious commodity when you know it's in short supply!

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Unknown said...

Quite scary isn't it? I am in the Manawatu and we are on tank water here - so we've been monitoring our usage for quite some time... Love your tips - will have to try the shower one - I'm sure our plants would love that one as well! ;)
Praying for rain tomorrow.... sm

Bron said...

Wow that is an eye opener....we saw our first good rains for ages during the week....but we too are heading the same way after a long hot summer. xxxx

boysmum2 said...

Someone has been visiting the gardens in hamilton....? You should have called in for a cup of tea, live just round the corner!

Miriam said...

We got very used to rationing water after the earthquakes and when you have o boil every drop that goes near your mouth for 3 minutes you start to really value it


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