04 May 2013

Pedal power on the waterfront

With a Treat Me voucher that had to be used up by next weekend and a warm, still afternoon on our hands, this afternoon called for family outing to the waterfront.

It's been 2 years since we last took a trip round the waterfront on the bikes, and amazing to see how much more into it the boys were this time.

Daddy got the job of steering and braking. While I was busy taking photos, what's new there?!

So my steering wheel was only really for show, but made me feel like I was actually contributing. Well we were both actually pedalling our hearts out too but you can't tell that from the pics!

It was a stunning afternoon in the capital, with the fountain serenading us in the harbour, and a few brave souls even having a dip in the water..brrrr rather them than me.

We pedalled all the way along Oriental Parade before stopping for a quick snack.

On the way back, we just HAD to stop at the pedestrian crossing and buy the boys a Kaffee Eis gelato. Just like we did last time!

We carried on as far as bridge over the lagoon towards the city and then came back in front of Te Papa.

I was intrigued how this one mooring point (I assume that's what it is!) was pink when the rest all along the pier were yellow.

Now that it's getting on for mid-autumn, the sun is noticeably lower in the sky, which makes for some delicious sunlight dancing on the water today to accompany our little adventure.

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