15 May 2013

Dropping the ball..

I dropped the ball.

This morning I was a hot favourite for the 'Worst Daughter in the World' award.

I forgot my mother's 60th birthday yesterday. Who does that?!

The only reason I might miss out on the award is because I got a text from my Dad this morning saying: Mum a bit sad she didn't get a text from you yesterday, and my fingers have never dialled their number so quick, and I was bawling my eyes out before I got out an 'I'm so sorry....' to her.

I do know how it happened.

The boys and I had made special Mothers Day cards and sent them off super early last week to make sure they got there on time. Mum's birthday is always a couple of days either side of Mothers Day and most years we combine the celebration sending cards and a present off to cover both. Good daughter.

We specially skyped Nana on Sunday morning and wished her a Happy Mothers Day. Good daughter.

We're all driving up to Hamilton in 2 weeks time to share in a big special 60th birthday weekend for Nana with my brothers and their partners as well and I'd been focusing on that in terms of getting a card and a present ready to give to Mum in person then. Good daughter.

Somewhere amongst all those goings on and the fact this is my last frenetic week at work working all kinds of crazy hours till late at night, and that my birthday app did NOT remind me like it usually does (how much do I want to throw my phone from a great height right now!) I dropped the ball.

Reasons, but not excuses.

Today Nana got a bunch of flowers delivered to her at work, a small token of our love and apologies for dropping the birthday ball.

Needless to say, I spent half an hour at work today adding every single family birthday into Google Calendar (way more reliant than some stoooooooooopid free app!) with an invite to Mark so it's also in his calendar, with an email reminder 2 weeks before the day AND a Pop-up reminder at 7am on the day.

Mark said to me today 'you are the glue that holds this family together', and up until now the only way family birthdays have been remembered is if I do it. So he was happy to take some responsibility for what happened too. If I'm honest enough to admit, we very nearly missed our nephew's 7th birthday last week (sorry guys the truth's out there now!) and it was only because I remembered about 4 days before and said to Mark 'you ARE onto Jack's birthday aren't you' that we managed to pull that one out of the bag and got something delivered that happened to get there on the actual day.

This time, no such luck. Sadly, there is no button to rewind to yesterday and re-write the course of that day.

Having to admit you're way less than perfect.....not the nicest of feeling.

Having to walk around work with red-rimmed eyes all morning....not the nicest either.

Having a mum who understood and forgave...priceless.

Happy belated 60th to a lady who doesn't look a day over 50, who is a more fanatic rugby, netball, cricket fan than most men I know, who encourages and supports her family near and far, who is a bit of a crazy cat lady, who can knit and sew up a storm, who loves her quiet life in the country, and whom we love so, so much. 

K...blubbering mess over here right now. I'll leave it at that.

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