03 May 2013

Things I'm Loving 3.5.13

I wholeheartedly believe that no matter what is happening in your life, there is always something you can be thankful for..no matter how simple it is.

Card sharks
Loving teaching the boys all sorts of card games with proper playing cards. Although they already knew Go Fish, they'd only ever played a Lightning McQueen Cars version before. We've also been playing games of 3-way Snap (which are a little hard to keep up with even for me) and we've also tried a playing card version of UNO too. We're all about the games in our house at the moment and I, for one, love it! I especially love it that Mr 3.5 is so into games and gets the gist of it all pretty quickly with a very minimal amount of help considering his age!

We'll be into teaching them gin rummy, solitaire, crib and euchre before we know it!

Jar Jar Binks
Loving my guy's take on how to turn yourself into a Star Wars character with just a set of pyjama pants.

Considering crochet
Seeing all the cool crochet that gets shown off in the blogsphere - and watching the amazing creations being whipped up first hand at the blogging conference, I've never been more tempted to finally learn how. I used to be quite a good knitter back in the day so I'm fairly sure I would pick it up OK with a bit of practice. Getting gorgeous homemade gifts like these from Nikki over at Life's Wonderful Happenings just seals the desire for me, so I'm trying to convince her to teach me when she comes home for a holiday in a couple of months!

Seeing my reflection in the little people 
Noah loves a good back scratch. His idea of heaven is to lie in bed and have one of us scratch his back while he oohs and aahs and directs us to go 'a little bit higher, more to the side, down the middle, yep that's it, OK now a little further over'. I totally get this obsession as back massages are right at the top of my list of loves too.  Which reminds me I actually have a massage voucher from my friend Andrea that I really must book up soon!

And Mylo - well he's obsessed with counting right now. He confidently counts to 20 (for a while there he was going 15...18...19...20 but now he's mastered the 16 and 17. He loves to look for opportunities to count things in his everyday life, and is always asking questions like 'is 100 bigger than 10?' or 'is 1000 bigger than 10?'. Noah was much more into his letters than his numbers at the same age, but for Mr Moo it seems to be all about the numbers. Who knows, maybe one day he'll take after his mama and become an Accountant!

Here and there
Autumn is particularly shy in Wellington. It's rare to see any autumn colour other than on the odd creeper on the side of a wall or garage. So I took the opportunity when I could the other day to snap this shot of a creeper in autumn glory climbing its way up a tree. Love the contrast of the pink, yellow and green, instead of the traditional orange and reds.

Walking in the light
I thoroughly enjoyed exercising on Anzac Day last week - mostly because it was leisurely - i.e. I didn't have to leave the house till 7am instead of the usual 5.45am - AND it was light instead of being pitch black. I took a route that I only take in the daylight which means I can only do it in the summer months - it's a bit too scary and treacherous otherwise with lots of steps and bush all around, but for my efforts I was rewarded with THIS view from the top. Love it.

How Animals Eat Their Food
And just for a little something lighthearted to finish with - if this doesn't get you giggling, I'm not sure what could!

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Unknown said...

likewise a pair of pj pants can become a viel, rapunzels hair, horses reigns, pippy longstocking pigtails....

blessings, claire

Ange - Tall, Short and Tiny said...

That video made me choke on my coffee! Love it - especially the lack of expression on the other guy's face (mostly). Hilarious!!

I taught myself to crochet online (PaisleyJade has some good links for beginners) but haven't looked at it for over a year and was just saying last night that I need to start again. Fun!!

Miriam said...

I always love these posts Meghan. Have a wonderful weekend x

Leonie said...

Go crochet! you can do it! Love all the games you guys play with your boys - We love our games here too! and funny as vid :) Have a fab weekend x

jacksta said...

funny vid!
great list as always :)

Nikki said...

Oh my! That video is HILARIOUS! Especially the T-Rex and whale! Haha!

I'd love to teach you how to crochet! I've only taught three people before who had no idea about knitting or crocheting, so I'm sure it'll be fine! A sleep over will definitely be on the cards for this!

And I'm totally with Noah on the back scratches and with you on the massages! xx

Gail said...

I started crochet just.this.week.

Got crochet plans too.

Lots to love here Meghan!

Tall Pipi said...

I love playing games with children - it brings out the kid in me. Gorgeous pic on you route - running or walking? I got inspired after the conference and learned crochet too! Hehe.

Sophie said...

what a beautiful sunset!
Yes, that vid is very funny. The kids wanted to watch it over and over again!!

Cat said...

I LOVE the fact so many were inspired by crochet at the conference !! !!
*giggle* was so nice to be able to sit amongst a group of woman and crochet :)
Hunt down Katie in Wellington - she can crochet
And YES YES YES to Nicki coming home on holiday - can't wait to meet her!

Bron said...

I had to chuckle this week...we have been learning new caed games too this school holidays adding Ligretto to our repitiore.
I have a little guy just like me too in loving back scratches.
my daughter showed me that clip...strange but quite funny the things that people come up with! Have a lovely weekend.


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