24 May 2013

Things I'm Loving 24.5.13

I wholeheartedly believe that no matter what is happening in your life, there is always something you can be thankful for..no matter how simple it is.

Being a mama
Loving that being a mama meant I could enjoy spending a lovely quality day with my boys on Mothers Day. Starting out with bouncing boys coming up the stairs at 6.30 am desperate to give me their homemade cards and treats. Daddy had arranged a rather lovely cool all-singing, all-dancing number with a gorgeous dessert wine too!

Loving that I could help the kids at church creche make some cards for their own mums to celebrate what they loved about them.

Loving that straight after church I could go and watch this guy in his first Little Dribblers football game of the season. Even though he played one season before Christmas, he is so much more confident now. He didn't need Daddy on the field with him at all, and scored 2 goals and to be honest bossed the field. There are 2 and 3 year olds playing so he is one of the oldest there which has a lot to do with it. Loved seeing how much he enjoyed being out there getting amongst it!

Update: and then this week he scored six goals in the first half of the game and pretty much stole the ball off all the younger kids and scored a goal after each kick-off....oops. So we decided we'd better put him up a grade into the age 4-5 kids. He played with half a dozen other 4-year olds and they were a much better set of opponents!

But the best part of my day by far was spending the afternoon at Otari Wiltons Bush taking a walk with my favourite people. It's the scene of the Enchanted Wood storybook I put together 2 years ago, and it never fails to deliver a beautiful experience.

The very hungry caterpillar
Loving watching Mylo make several trips to the kitchen to pull out all the supplies he needed for his cafe.

Loving this circle of food prepared for Mama to eat. As a friend on Facebook said, I felt a little bit like the very hungry caterpillar  having to work my way through it all!

Losing and finding
Woke up with the sickest feeling last weekend at about 4.30am on Saturday morning realising my ring was missing. The night before at my team farewell where we'd been ten-pin bowling the night I had taken my ring off as it kept catching on the bowling ball. We'd had to move lanes after our first game, and I hadn't remembered it to pick it up in the melee of moving all our belongings over.

This ring is very special, as Mark gave it to me in Santorini on our honeymoon, so it's really like an eternity ring I guess. I called the bowling alley the minute it opened at 10am and was just.so.thankful. that someone had handed it in. I never usually take my rings off, not even for bed so I was pretty blimin grateful to have it back!

No wet feet for me
Having made it 10 years back in NZ without having a pair of gumboots, I was pretty chuffed to find this pair of pretty funky-looking ones at Countdown for $20 the other week

No excuse for wet feet watching winter sports now!

Loving these two who exude so much energy especially at 6.30am. When I peer at this sight with bleary eyes, I can't but help smile!

Heavenly treats
Loving half an hour of me time to go and enjoy a massage which was kindly gifted by my friend Andrea for helping her out at a baby show a couple of months back.

And as Sarah Lee pointed out, that angel on the left does bear somewhat of an uncanny resemblance to me...strange! Loving that I still have enough left on the voucher for another massage in a couple of month's time too!

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Leonie said...

Always so action packed! Have a great weekend x

Miriam said...

stoked you got your ring back!! Love all your treats too xx

jacksta said...

hate the feeling of a lost ring!
groovy boots.
And yay for a massage! I have bought myself a voucher...but alas don't seem to have the time!

Simoney said...

So glad you found your ring (I know how you feel; not quite as bad, but when I lost my iPod I felt pretty sick too)

And the gumboots = PERFECT!

(I never thought to look in Countdown; mine were $30 from TWH and yours are COOLER)

Sophie said...

Love the boots! And phew what a relief about the ring!

Bron said...

So pleased you got your ring back...and looks like you are all set for the winter to arrive too. xx


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