31 May 2013

Things I'm Loving 31.5.13

I wholeheartedly believe that no matter what is happening in your life, there is always something you can be thankful for..no matter how simple it is.

Crazy Zebra building
Love this cool building that's in downtown Wellington - it must have taken a fair effort to paint it though don't you think?!

Beautiful people
Loving this quote my Dad sent me last week. Especially the last sentence.
Young love
Loving the lovely friendship Noah has developed with a young gal in his class. Loving seeing their sweet interactions with each other the two times she has been over for a play date at our house. We've been realistic with him that feelings come and go at this stage, and all we ask is that he always be kind no matter what.

Cowboy Jake
Loving finding this dress-up on special at Spotlight. Loving how cute this guy makes Cowboy look.

And every cowboy needs his own horse right?

Len Lye Exhibit
Loving that whilst running a whole bunch of errands in town last weekend, Mylo and I managed to squeeze in a quick look at the last weekend of the Len Lye exhibit at the City Gallery. He makes some amazing sculptures that combine both sound and movement to amazing effect. These photos were taken just before I was told 'no photos sorry' ...oops!

Someone was also pretty pleased with their 60 cent kiddy cone from Macca's that I treated him to after dragging him all over town for the whole afternoon. It's not really as big as it looks, just how close I was holding it to the camera!

Loving that we are currently away enjoying a wonderful family weekend up country as we celebrate my mum's 60th with all the family gathered around in Hamilton. No doubt there will be photo overload afterwards as there always is!

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CHD said...

That exhibition looks great. Enjoy you family weekend. Cx

Unknown said...

that building is amazing! and i love the photo of you playing horsey! blessings, claire


Miriam said...

I love that you take such delight in your boys Meghan - it translates so much in your writing xx

Lien - all new adventures said...

That quote your dad sent you certainly is beautiful and moving. So thoughtful of him.

I haven't linked up in a long time. Glad I stopped by for a read. You've been so busy. Good for you, and congrats with your new job - 2nd week bites the dust. Hope it's been better.


Bron said...

Love sweet little friendships and mummy's who will play the horsey game. xxx

Leonie said...

So much fun! I especially love the quote and building - so cool x


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