18 November 2013

Instgramming my way around the countryside....

One of the things I enjoyed about our holiday was the big change in technology from our last trip 5 years ago and with it the ability to snap and post pictures quickly via Instagram which in turn posted to Facebook too.

I know that my parents back home in NZ felt they really were able to keep track of what we were up to in real-time and even family here in the UK could see what we were doing on some of our mini-trips away from their home.

Much has changed for me in the past five years since our last trip - now I find myself burning with desire to really capture on camera the experiences and unique sights we have seen in a meaningful and memorable way.

Whether that's medieval spiderwebs or a priory caught in sunflare.

Impressive bridges spanning countries or ornate ceilings.

School children on just another school day or happy echinacea faces.

A stolen mother and son moment or the welcome of a seaside cottage.

Rocky shores or dappled light in the forest.

I am still in awe looking back on all I have seen and the ability to capture it so candidly. Rich colours of stone contrasting with lush, green grass and dull thatched roofs contrasting with bright skies has almost brought me to my knees just so I can feel that same grass beneath my touch.

I have seen views from historical windows looking out on modern times.

And views revealing hundreds of years of history within its walls.

I have captured the feeling of racing down narrow country lanes - a straight out of the camera shot with no fancy editing.

It was such a privilege to have been in those moments, to have seen so much in just those short few weeks. More than I ever could have anticipated. I have to admit it's not quite the same being back at home right now. Of course there will always be daily life to instagram - baking, the boys' funny antics, and local scenery on early morning walks which are often my go-to style of pics.

But nothing, nothing like this. The depth and breadth of autumn colours, amazing cloud formations, history and architecture here provided unparalleled opportunities on a daily basis.

And for that I am eternally grateful.

How about you? Are you an Instagram fan and how often do you find yourself using it? Do you keep a real-time journal or just snap a pic as when and when you even remember you have the app?!

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