29 November 2013

Things I'm Loving: minty mint, cruise ships, dress ups and Welly on a good day

I wholeheartedly believe that no matter what is happening in your life, there is always something you can be thankful for..no matter how simple it is.

Mint is mint!

I go through these colour phases - for a year or two I loved baby pink and every other thing in my wardrobe was that colour, then it was brown. Most recently I'm loving the look of pale minty green. No doubt you've already seen pics of me in my minty jeans and the lovely Nikki also made me an awesome crochet scarf and necklace to match. My latest buy was this fantastic mint green top on special at Gap - it's called Supersoft and it lives up to its name. Loving it although it's almost gotten too warm to wear it now - wah!

Cruise ship season

The one good thing about my morning commute is that I now drive past the stadium and port on the motorway and get some awesome views of the cruise ships as they gracefully glide into the harbour in the early morning. I took this snap whilst driving (shh!) just by sticking my phone up to the window with one hand and hoping for the best while keeping my eyes on the road (not a bad outcome I thought!)

It's actually quite distracting seeing these amazing vessels birthed so close, I find myself wanting to peer at them to figure out which ones they are as I'm hooning along the motorway, not the safest I know. But they are mighty impressive - especially these two that docked nose to nose last week when the All Whites were playing Mexico in the World Cup qualifier - and with a stunner of a day in the Capital, it would have been a great visit for all on board.

Source: Stuff

That's Good England

I was washing my floral jeans and thought I might actually pay attention to the washing label. Say what?! I totally did a double take and cracked up.


This guy dressed himself for church the other weekend, and I had to admit he did a darn good job.

But don't grow up too fast Mister!

What's your normal?

Yep, pretty normal to come home from a run at 6.30am to find this scene in our house.

Or at 3pm finding the Lone Ranger and Tonto having a picnic in their teepee in the backyard - yep pretty normal too. 

More makes

Last week's healthy treats were all winner winner chicken dinner in my opinion. Angela's sensational 3 ingredient chocolate mousse (coconut cream, cocoa and honey), Petite Kitchen - prune and pistachio truffles (makes a lovely change from all the date based recipes) and this amazingly tasty walnut and raisin loaf also from Petite Kitchen. All sugar free, dairy free and gluten-free goodness!

Welly on a good day

Last weekend we had the most amazingly fine Saturday ever - well maybe not ever but certainly the best day so far of the not-yet-even summer. It started with a giant walk for me up the steep dirt track to the wind turbine and ended with our first meal outdoors on a gorgeous still evening. The views on the walk were quite incredible and worth stopping every little while to take a picture or two ten on my phone.

That old 'you can't beat Welly on a good day' - it's so totally true.

This weekend hubby and I (sans kids) are going up to Rotorua for a wedding - it feels very indulgent to be flying up for just 24 hours - and we are leaving the boys with Noah's best friend's family - you might remember their kids came to stay with us for the night a few months ago - well now they're kindly returning the favour, and we are very much looking forward to the quick break away!

Hope that wherever you're spending this weekend it's full of good times!

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